Canada:SPP North American summit of leaders shrouded in UFO-style s

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-17 14:39:27

www.agoracosmopolita… SPP North American summit of leaders shrouded in UFO-style secrecy by Paul Chen     Secretive SPP Summit is expected to take place in the vicinity of the now U.S. owned Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. There are two central questions that are associated with the planned Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit of the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico scheduled to be held this August 20 and 21. The first question is: Why the secrecy over a summit of supposedly democratic leaders? The second question you might also enquire about is: Why is the U.S. military on Canadian soil for the summit? After all, Canada is not Iraq or some other unstable part of the world, where the technological sophistication of the U.S. military might be needed to defend against hostile enemy attacks from the air and otherwise. American and other world leaders have visited Canada many times for meetings of larger delegations of world leaders from diverse industrialized countries, without any threats to these leaders. Certainly, local police forces, and the RCMP, and our own Canadian military could easily handle a couple of thousands of protesters that usually go with such summits. U.S. military has been put in control of area around a large perimeter around Montebello, Quebec, Canada. Having pondered the rather curious nature of the U.S. military presence in Quebec for this summit, a critical reader may ponder that U.S. military presence may have nothing to do with protecting leaders from protesters, that can easily be handled by local law enforcement. Why would the U.S. military need to set-up a 25 kilometre presence? Then consider the following question: where else have you heard of the U.S. military establishing such perimeters? Where else have you heard of such corresponding secrecy, and efforts to shield activity from the watchful eyes of non-threatening, but curious members of the public?     Area 51 sign in Nevada, USA. If you sometime watch television, with particular reference to cable televisions stations like the Discovery Channel, you might have seen various representations by UFO investigators and members of the public about places like Area 51, and other places of alleged Human and Extraterrestrial contact. UFO investigators who are part of the Exopolitics community, have also disturbingly alleged various human elites have entered into legal Agreements to gain access advanced Extraterrestrial technologies for money-making commercial and military use, in exchange for basically selling-out the rest of humanity in their Agreements. Consider a Manipulative Extraterrestrial that is approaching a greed driven elite which is addicted to commercial gain and military dominance like a crack cocaine addict that wants to keep pursuing that elusive “high” by operating toward this Earthbound elite within the following proposition: We will give you access to technology over 1000 years more advanced than your current technology, for your commercial and military use, in exchange for a “friendly alliance” of “equals” with us. UFO Featured in Britain’s Daily Mail ‘online’ newspaper. Humanity can hope that this is some kind of bizarre mischievous rumour. However, the alleged industrial-military elites who plan to sell out humanity would probably cynically call such Agreements a “Security and Prosperity Partnership”. Humanity, can only hope that such secretive Manipulative Extraterrestrial-Human “partnerships” that are allied against humanity and our planet Earth, do not really exist. Rest assured, that the secrecy and that the U.S. military involvement in the planned SPP Summit, has nothing to do with the consolidation of any kind of Agreement to protect the “common good” of humanity. Secrecy, including UFO and Extraterrestrial related apparent cover-ups, do not affirm democracy. Organizations and activities like the SPP, that operate in secrecy, do so with the specific calculated agenda, to facilitate parties to the secrecy, to be able to enhance their status and power, at the expense of the general public. Secrecy, is designed to enable the parties in secrecy à la the SPP, to hide information from other members of the society, that would seek to resist the clandestine agenda. Become a member of The Canadian, with your donation-pledge. Help support independent, progressive, and not-for-profit journalism. Make comments about this article in The Canadian Blog.

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