Crop Circles Pointing to THIS WEEKEND – August 18 – 19, 2007

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-18 10:08:43

  Crop Circles Pointing to THIS WEEKEND17-Aug-2007  www.unknowncountry.c… Pewsey White Horse, July 2007 As Whitley talked about in his recent journal, for some time now, various crop circles have appeared thatpoint to the dates of August 18-19, and one that formed atPewsey White Horse near Swindon in the UK not only pointsto this date, it contains what may be a rough diagram of theinterior of a nuclear bomb enclosed in a crescent moon. Itmust be noted, however, that the nine pointed star alsorepresents the Baha’i religion, which was founded in Iran in1844. If an unanticipated event should take place on August 18-19, it would be strong support for the validity ofthe crop circle phenomenon. Hopefully, it will not be something as terrible as a nuclear detonation. It is also worth notiing that the circle, which appeared on August 4, expresses the concept of “three groups of three,” which is the subject of Whitley Strieber’s last crop circle meditation, posted on the same day, and created the day before.

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