Alex Collier on ‘What’s Going On’

From the Google Video Blurb:
This is a 1994 private interview of Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier, where he reveals very IMPORTANT stuff that we should aware of by now he mentions July/August 2001 as being a significant point, talks about various ET races, the truth not told by our media, the ET presence on Earth, the Reptilian control of our government and institutions, the Greys Agenda,the Orion Group, ETs and history leaders, the truth about our Moon, bases on Mars, The Lyran Wars, cloned world leaders, ETs violating our human rights and mocking how stupid we are, treatees signed with EVIL Alien races, where do missing children go, our planet Earth as a living entity, our TRUE human History, higher planes of existance,on RAISING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, on our human emotions, on our Apathy, on Time Travel, our POTENTIAL as a united race, and the importance to STOP THE WARS, to JOIN AS A RACE, stop ET induced belief systems to control us like they have been doing for centuries, the Staging planned to deceive us, and that we HAVE TO begin TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES AS A RACE and our ascension to the 4th Density or Dimension, “Earth´s Dilemma” and our government SELLING US as a race for GREED and Technology to an Elite


More Alex Collier material can be accessed here:
Alex Collier and the Andromeda Compendium
Alex Collier Lecture, Global Sciences – 1996
YouTube Version

Alex Collier at Exopolitics Conference Hawaii 18 May 2008…


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