FW: 9/11 Building 7 – Press Release (Final Version).

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-24 00:32:22

Attachments : _filtered #ygrps-yiv-570741622 {margin:72.0pt 77.95pt 72.0pt 77.95pt;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 P.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoNormal { FONT-SIZE:12pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Times New Roman”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 LI.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoNormal { FONT-SIZE:12pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Times New Roman”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 DIV.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoNormal { FONT-SIZE:12pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Times New Roman”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 A:link { COLOR:blue;TEXT-DECORATION:underline;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 SPAN.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoHyperlink { COLOR:blue;TEXT-DECORATION:underline;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 A:visited { COLOR:purple;TEXT-DECORATION:underline;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 SPAN.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoHyperlinkFollowed { COLOR:purple;TEXT-DECORATION:underline;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 P.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoPlainText { FONT-SIZE:10pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Courier New”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 LI.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoPlainText { FONT-SIZE:10pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Courier New”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 DIV.ygrps-yiv-570741622MsoPlainText { FONT-SIZE:10pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:”Courier New”;} #ygrps-yiv-570741622 DIV.ygrps-yiv-570741622Section1 { }     Visit: www.911building7.co.uk for further information and to hear/watch the video.   If you want to support the 9/11 movement, buying this song will help, as the money generated will be donated to the 9/11 campaign.   Please forward this e-mail to as many people as possible in order to raise the profile of this release.   Many thanks   Martin Noakes martin@911building7….   No virus found in this outgoing message.Checked by AVG Free Edition.Version: 7.5.484 / Virus Database: 269.12.2/967 – Release Date: 22/08/2007 18:51

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