FW: Chemtrails and the Hellenic Parliament

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-09-07 08:37:55

From Wayne Hall www.enouranois.gr/en…   HELLENIC PARLIAMENTANASTASIOS HOREMISDEPUTY OF PA.SO.K., CORINTHIAQUESTIONTo the ministers ofTransport and Communications, Mr. MICHAELIS LIAPISEnvironment, Physical Planning and Public Works, Mr. GEORGIOS SOUFLIASHealth and Social Security, Mr. DIMITRIOS AVRAMOPOULOSSUBJECT: Concern in the community of Corinthia about the phenomenon of “chemtrails”Dear Ministers,Alarm and concern have been aroused in the local community at the appearance in our area also of the notorious “chemtrails”, i.e. long white lines that are left behind by certain aircraft in the course of implementation of aerial spraying at a height of between five and eleven kilometres above sea level. This paradoxical phenomenon has made its appearance in the last decade, in countries of North America, Europe and recently in our country also, and indeed over the Gulf of Corinth .According to investigations by hundreds of scientists, journalists and concerned citizens throughout the world  these lines are caused by emissions of chemical substances, such as aluminium oxide and barium, two extremely toxic substances dangerous to human health, as they are linked to diseases such as: asthma, allergies, hypertension, pneumonia, even Alzheimer’s.  The chemical substances released by the spraying threaten public health, either directly, through inhalation, or indirectly,  through pollution of land under cultivation and the water table, so that they enter the food chain.Official data on whether such spraying is really taking place in Greek airspace has not been made available by the Government. Moreover, the answers given by the Ministry of Transport and Communication to the questions of two parliamentarians of the Synaspismos in relation to similar phenomena observed in the regions of Larissa and of Attica were in no way satisfactory.It is worth emphasising here that according to the investigations this spraying has no relation with the aerial spraying of insecticides that are carried out at a very low altitude (above crops) and serve the purpose of protecting agricultural production.It is however an important question to ascertain the reasons for this spraying if it is indeed being carried out, as its existence has been linked to various experiments whose purpose (according, again, to scientific studies) is either control of the greenhouse phenomenon or even climate modification with a view to creating mass weapons, the so-called “environmental” or “geophysical” weapons.Because community organizations, environmental groups and the local community as a whole in Corinthia are alarmed at the prospect of the possible consequences of such activities, documented answers must be provided.The honourable ministers are asked:Is such aerial spraying being carried out, in which substances such as aluminium and barium which are dangerous to public health are being released into the atmosphere, or is it not?If it is, then what are the reasons for it and what purposes does it serve?22.06.07Tassos HoremisDeputy for Corinthia

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