ADJ Resigning from 911COUK

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-09-12 19:27:19

Hello everyone,   This is for those of you who use or have an interest in Sorry if you receive this message more than once.   For some time now, I have been unhappy with the “goings on” on this forum and therefore now “resigning” from it. I will not be acting as an admin or moderator directly, though will be assisting with some technical issues in getting the site to run smoothly again (this process has already started). I may post here occasionally, but my new “plans”, and reasons for them, are given below.   1)       I became unhappy quite some time ago, when other moderators (you know who you are) were editing headlines (sometimes introducing errors) and were being rude and insulting to both myself and other posters, contravening the moderation policy that we had loosely agreed. At that point, I stopped moderating the forum and just began checking user sign-ups for spammers.   2)       I have become very unhappy with the way that “controversial issues” have been treated both by other moderators and a number of posters – some of whom are quite well known campaigners etc. Clearly there should be room for vigorous discussion and reasoned disagreement, but not for unreasonable demands to be made and rudeness to be almost continually in use.   3)       Anonymous posters – I have become unhappy with the number of anonymous posters who hardly reveal anything about themselves and when asked they often simply suggest they shouldn’t  be being asked. Their style of posting never really adds much if anything to the debate and is typically framed in a sarcastic manner. Some of these posters use handles and some use what appear to be real names. They are almost always derogatory and never offer constructive criticism.   4)       Soft censorship – I was particularly surprised when I posted the news about the unsealing of Dr Morgan Reynolds Qui Tam suit against NIST (for fraud) when it was moved to the “Controversial” section – not so much that, but Tony Gosling said he would move it back if I convinced enough people that Morgan Reynolds analysis was valid! Well, I have news for everyone who agreed with Tony – as of Sept 11 2007, the press release I wrote about the legal actions of Prof Judy Wood and Prof Morgan Reynolds has made the Front Page of the “Shoutwire” news service (archived here www.checktheevidence… ) and as of typing this the story has had over 2500 reads on (www.911researchers.c…). It’s the only 9/11 story on the front page of Shoutwire today. So is it true to say that a 9/11 forum has (essentially) censored this story MORE than a news feed service? Perhaps you can decide on the answer to that question for yourselves, and the implications of it.   In pointing out how specific problems with the action of other moderators, and actually handling complaints about them on several occasions, I have received little or no support from other people involved in decisions about or the running of this forum. I must emphasise clearly that I refer to the above instances of where other moderators have broken an agreed policy or repeatedly done things they’ve been asked not to do (such as editing post titles). I can therefore not continue being a moderator in this sort of environment. This is a completely separate issue to that of 911 “controversies”, based on strong evidence,  such as “No Planes” and the very strong evidence for the use of DEW (or something like it) at the WTC. As I have said on several occasions, I now feel the links between 9/11, Black Technology and the energy cover up are becoming very much clearer.   In circumstances such as these, it is not usually a good idea to just post negative comments – it’s best to take some kind of positive action, even if it’s only symbolic in nature. I hope this action turns out to be more than symbolic, but that depends on YOU.   New Forum   Thanks to the generous help and donation of my friend Tony Jackson at Emporio Design (…) we have  a new forum – running PHPBB (the same software as this forum uses) which is just about ready for use.   I will be sending out invites to this forum, although you are free to sign up NOW. However, there are some provisos:   1)       The forum is split between RESEARCH and CAMPAIGNING and to post to these areas, you need to sign up WITH YOUR REAL NAME and say whether you are a researcher, a campaigner or both and mention what you have done in either or both of these areas please put this in the “interests” section of your sign up information (although many of you I think I know which categories you fall into). 2)       If you don’t use your real name, you will be restricted to the unmoderated areas, there may be 1 or 2 notable exceptions to this (but it likely won’t be more than that).   This has been done for 3 reasons – firstly, to keep the forum better organised and hopefully allow more structured debate and exchange of ideas. Secondly, this should reduce the “troll count”. The trolls can still post in the unmoderated areas, which should operate much as this forum does, but they won’t have access to the areas where known posters post. Thirdly, if this system works, it should reduce the amount of active moderation required for the daily running of the forum   At the moment, all forums are and will be readable and public to everyone, but I may set up some private forums over time.   Who wants to be a moderator on   I am looking for a volunteer moderator or moderators for the new forum – previous moderators of UK911 need not apply. I would welcome any help with the new forum, but would ask volunteers to supply:   1)       Their real name 2)       Address 3)       Telephone number 4)       Their background 5)       Brief notes on why they would like to be involved   I don’t think I’ll get many volunteers – so surprise me! I would like a person/people who has/have worked professionally at something, has/have a broadband internet connection etc and is/are very open minded. No rudeness and insulting will be allowed, of course.   Some people may not like the idea of all this – and that’s absolutely fine – because you’ll still have this site (once the technical issues are sorted out) to use as before. You now have a choice of 2 UK oriented forums rather than one – both for free!!   I wish everyone luck in their chosen plans and hope we can all work, in peace, together to unfold human consciousness in a way which is beneficial to all of us and Planet Earth as well.   Andrew

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