Smoking drivers risk prosecution

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2007-09-28 18:49:49

Whilst we are in the grips of an invasion of northern European midges that have flown across the English Channel carrying a virus that has infected UK live stock on the East coast and is now moving across the country. And Whilst farmers and livestock handlers face restrictions because of a lax in a Government research facilities bio-security system. The British government sneaks in a new rule in to the highway code that stops people smoking whilst driving. Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick stated that “If you’re lighting up with one hand and have a fag in the other hand then obviously you’ve not got any hands on the wheel“. Therefore your breaking the law by driving without due care and attention, sounds like he has never seen a smoker lighting up a “fag” by holding the cigarette in the mouth whilst lighting it with 1 hand.   So Remember do not smoke and drive in the UK as it will cost you more then your health.   Clive 🙂

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