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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-10-04 14:10:04

From Webfairy I hope Ace Baker meant that he would like to see the actual footagebroadcast, so people can see, without the compression excuses, the sillylittle hippityhoppers with different sizes, angles and colorations thatthey mistook for… soon as people come to grips with the fact they got shilled bycartoons, the next inevitable question is HOW COULD THEY DO THAT.The answer is Future Combat Systems geopositioned Sim City version ofNew York, Netcentric Warfare Version 1, featuring a database that is nowcommercially available as Microsoft Virtual Earth.Full Spectrum… Intelligence and is commercially produced Perp Bragging complete with all theirspecial code Ghostplane video of a cartoon plane flying through a building turnsout to have been “taken” by Michael Hezarkhani who turns up in LosAngeles shortly after as a blood diamond dealer sharing the same lastname as Manuchehr Hezarkhani , London based leader of the NeoCon IranianTerrorists,… of Accused Fake WTC Crash Video Won’t Disclose Shot Desktop Netcentric Warfare system that created the second hitcartoons is not all that Future Combat Systems has up it’s sleeve.Fcs- Final 9/11 Concept For Tv Fakery Meets Exow?, How DirEN wasintegrated into for what else the Future Combat Systems isup to.

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