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UK FOI requests Yield No Answers Regarding Illegal Aerosol Spraying


11th Oct 2007, Derbyshire UK – Following the submission of a report, backed by over 20 signatories from diverse backgrounds, detailing widespread illegal and unacknowledged aerosol spraying from aircraft, new FOI requests to UK agencies concerning significant air traffic pollution on 10th June 2005 and 4th Feb 2007 have yielded no answers.


(PR Leap) 11th Oct 2007 – An independent lay researcher, with a background in Software Engineering, from Derbyshire, UK, has continued to try and draw attention to the issue of ongoing illegal aerosol spraying activities which could be affecting our climate, our health or both. In May and July 2007, previous Press Releases described how he had sent copies of a report to several UK Agencies and received some responses.


Johnson said "Following my previous correspondence with the UK Department of Transport (DfT) and the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), I decided to submit a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) through the respective websites organisations’ websites. Previously, I was told that the trails discussed in my report are simply ordinary civilian air traffic. I therefore thought that if this was the case, there should be information available from the DfT or the CAA as to what these flights moving through UK airspace were. I asked for any information regarding flights leaving significant numbers of trails on 10th June 2005 and 4th Feb 2007, which I had photographed and videoed. I wanted to find out what these flights were and especially why there were such a large number in such a short time. This sort of pattern isn’t a daily occurrence – if it were, then I could possibly understand it being due to regular commercial or civilian air traffic.”


Both the DfT and the CAA have responded to the FOI request. The CAA response stated that “The CAA is not directly involved in managing the traffic flows to and from the airports” and “the CAA does not have

access to the information you have requested.” The DfT response came from the Aviation Airspace Division and said “The Department for Transport does not hold information on individual aircraft movements. The requirement to monitor traffic flows of aircraft movements is the responsibility of the air navigation service provider, in this case NATS, and East Midlands Airport as the most significant airport nearest to Derby.”


Johnson replies, “I have contacted NATS by e-mail on 3 occasions to ask them about aircraft movements on these dates, but I have not received any response. I have also e-mailed East Midlands Airport on 3 occasions with the same questions, but have received no response. It therefore seems that no one can give me information on what these flights are – or if they are civilian or military. Therefore, some people in the UK continue to be rightfully concerned about this issue,” Johnson said.


Phil Morris, formerly of Cheshire, had written many letters and e-mails to the MoD, CAA and media organisations, whilst he was still living in England, but he has now left the country, as he became greatly concerned about the frequent and heavy trailing he witnessed. Johnson said, “Phil made significant efforts in pursuing the same questions I have.” Johnson has posted a link to an archive of much of the correspondence Morris undertook over a 2-year period. “Phil’s experience exactly paralleled my own,” Johnson said.


On 17th August Caroline Carter contacted Andrew Johnson to report she had found a large number of strange webs, both on the Leylandi trees and on the lawn in the back garden of her home in Surrey. Caroline sent a selection of pictures to Johnson, who commented, "They don’t look like spider webs to me. They look far too thick." Caroline has been trying to get the samples tested, but has not had any success so far. Johnson has posted the photos on his website, along with some e-mail correspondence that Caroline Carter sent.


Wayne Hall, a researcher and campaigner, contacted Andrew from Greece and described how he was trying to raise awareness in his local community. He has previously discussed the issue at public meetings with, for example, local council members. Hall also pointed out that in June 2007, questions were raised in the Helenic Parliament regarding official knowledge of any airborne spraying operations. Wayne explained, “A letter to the ministers of Transport and Communications querying the appearance of persistent aircraft trails over Greece.” In the letter, Tassos Horemis states “Alarm and concern have been aroused in the local community” at the appearance of “long white lines that are left behind by certain aircraft in the course of implementation of aerial spraying at a height of between five and eleven kilometres above sea level.” It also notes the worrying appearance of these trails in the last decade, in North America, Europe and more recently over Greece and the Gulf of Corinth.


Wayne Hall also advised Johnson that on 10th May 2007, Erik Meijer, Dutch Socialist MEP, asked questions regarding persistent aircraft trails in a European Parliament (session E-2455/07). Meijer asked if the commission was aware that “observations by pilots and statements by government bodies increasingly suggest that what is happening is that aircraft are emitting into dry air small particles consisting of barium, aluminium and iron”. Wayne commented, “Erik Meijer’s questions in the European Parliament were answered on behalf of the Commission by Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas.” Dimas, a Greek conservative politician with a Wall Street and World Bank background, stated “The Commission is aware of claims that such trends and phenomena exist. However, the Commission is not aware of any evidence substantiating such claims.” He then cited an explanation identical to that for ordinary contrails. Wayne Hall said “Erik Meijer seems now to have been more cautious about dealing with the issue and has been reluctant to follow up on his original questions.”


In mid-September, German Green Party Member, Johannes Remmel appeared on RTL-TV. A translation of the broadcast quoted Remmel as saying “It’s obvious that enormous regions are being polluted with clandestine actions, but all of this has to be made public. The government must provide explanations to the unsuspecting population.” The same broadcast featured a meteorologist called Karsten Brandt who is manager of Brandt is quoted as saying “We can state with a 97% certainty that we have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails) comprised by fine dust containing polymers and metals, used to disrupt radar signals.”


Johnson has commented that the awareness of illegal aerosol operations may be increasing. He said, "Rosalind Peterson of California, a former government agriculture employee, has been doing some very important research into existing geoengineering projects and proposals." Geoengineering is the method by which things like the behaviour or composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. “Rosalind Peterson spoke at a UN event regarding geoengineering programmes, she has stated she does not use the term ‘Chemtrails’ in her discussion and correspondence, as it often used as a reason to censor her lines of enquiry – because the USAF has previously declared the phenomenon to be an ‘internet hoax’.”


Johnson says "Some people still claim that we are just seeing contrails. Those same people seem to offer no credible explanation for the grid and triangle formations that we frequently observe and photograph. None of the studies that I have seen up to now discuss these clearly documented effects. What we can say, with some certainty, is that this is a global phenomenon and therefore it must be a trans-national group that is, at some level, responsible for it.”


To those who may be wondering “what can be done about the aerosol spraying?”, Johnson replies “Some people have reported some success at dissipating chemtrails using what are known as ‘cloud busters’. These are a derivative of apparatus developed by Wilhelm Reich based on his studies of orgone energy. Reich’s research wasn’t very popular with some people at the time he was most active. I encourage everyone to study this area too.”


The original report submitted, along with the responses and other information can be viewed, online at www.checktheevidence… Johnson actively encourages all interested parties to contact him for any required clarification or further information required.

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