Quick WTC Steel Calculation

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-10-16 15:11:52

Now then, let’s think: 236 exterior columns… 47 interior steel columns … in each building – approx 1350 feet tall…. that’s 566 times 1350 feet of steel (just roughly) = 764100 feet = (764100/5280) miles = 144.7 miles length of steel which should’ve been in the debris piles!!   Where did it go??   www.drjudywood.com/a… Figure 87(d). On the afternoon of 9/11/01 the “rubble pile” left from WTC1 is essentially non-existent. WTC7 can be seen in the distance, revealing the photo was taken before 5:20 PM that day. Figure 87(e). The “rubble pile” from WTC1 is essentially non-existent. The ambulance is parked at ground level in front of WTC1. WTC6, which had been an eight-story building, towers over the remains of WTC1. Figure 61(c). The north wing of WTC4, as viewed from Church Streed, looking west, appears surgically removed from the main body of WTC4, which has essentially dissappeared. If WTC2 fell on it and squashed the main building, where is the part of WTC2 that did this?

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