Royal the target of blackmailers… again

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2007-10-28 10:02:03

Royal the target of blackmailers… again 😉 The last time this happened, to a member of the Royal family being blackmailed, was the same time these women and others lost their lives. Mary Ann Nichols Annie Chapman Elizabeth Stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Jane Kelly   The royal being blackmailed at that time, Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward (Edward VII).   Know the famous case I am mean, yet???   Yep the Famous Jack the Ripper murders.    The BBC are wrongly reporting that the last time a Royal was blackmailed was in 1891, which is inaccurate, either to not connect the event with the Ripper murders and start the whole conspiracy off again or they just got it wrong.   Seems these modern day blackmailers were caught and investigated back in September but not much was said then. This News has only come to light now because of a report in the Sunday Times. But the two men were arrested in September, so it is possible that it was kept quiet until the Courts imposed reporting restrictions to prevent the victim from being identified. The BBC state in there report that a former Palace spokesman Dickie Arbiter said “royal officials would have carried out their own inquiry into the validity of the Sunday Times story, but that it was unlikely that the name of the royal would be revealed.” Seems one of the Royal, possibly one of the younger ones as not been toeing the line. I suspect it is the young wild one who has already been in trouble for smoking dope and getting drunk in public. The very same Royal is the target of speculation that he is the result of an adulterous affair by his mother and that the P.O.W is not the real father. I need not say more on these Speculations as I don’t want to end up in the Tower of London or dead in a Tunnel in Paris France. LoL   Clive (^_^)     Royal ‘targeted by blackmailers’ 28 October 2007, 08:44 GMT Source: BBC News   Buckingham Palace has refused to discuss a report that a member of the Royal Family has been the subject of a blackmail attempt. According to the Sunday Times, the case involves allegations of drugs and sex. A Palace spokesperson would only say it was a police matter and Scotland Yard was investigating. Police said two men, aged 30 and 40, appeared before City of Westminster magistrates on 13 September accused of blackmail and were remanded in custody. They will next appear at the Old Bailey in December. Read Report Also see: Times Online

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