From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-11-01 08:27:44

    PRESS RELEASE:Independent Presidential Candidate Vows Investigation, Cooperation & TransparencyIndependent Candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Brad Lord-Leutwyler today informed over 1,000,000 of his supporters that when elected, he will appoint a special commission to investigate the UFO phenomenon and to declassify millions of relevant documents now in government possession.  He suggested that Stanton Friedman would be a possible choice to head the commission.”There is significant evidence available to infer that there are events occurring which warrant open investigation.  These events, witnessed by military pilots, airline pilots, citizens of the U.S. and abroad indicate that these unknown phenomenon are of such a nature that investigation would lead to a better understanding of these events, and possibly to deeper insights into nature and human psychology.  The government has been compiling data about many of these events for decades, and with limited exception, keeping the truth from the American People is no longer tolerable nor is it acceptable.”Inquiries are welcomeContact Brad Lord-Leutwyler with questions at – VOTEFORBRAD@gmail.co…     ALL inquiries will be handled by the candidate personallyVisit : WWW.VOTEFORBRAD.COM— Brad Lord-LeutwylerTAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!Email EVERYONE in you address bookabout WWW.VOTEFORBRAD.COM

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