NIST needs more time to Respond to Dr Judy Wood

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-11-05 10:57:38

NIST needs more time TO RESPOND TO JUDY WOOD.   NIST does not want to debate Dr. Judy Wood about whether or not Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) dustified the WTCs because they did and DR Wood has the evidence to prove they did.   On August 24 Judy Wood notified NIST that Applied Research Assoc. (ARA) who had helped prepare the explanation of how planes, jet fuel, and gravity supposedly collapsed the WTC towers had a major conflict of interest. The WTC towers did not collapse. They dustified. ARA has a conflict of interest because they manufacture DEWs. ARA knows that DEWs destroyed the WTC towers yet they lied to NIST and said Planes destroyed the towers.   Since being notified on Aug. 24 07 NIST has done nothing to correct the obvious conflict of interest NIST created when it contracted with ARA to explain how the WTC towers went away in less than ten seconds.   What did NIST know and when did they know it.  On August 24, NIST knew at the very least that that their contractor ARA had a major conflict of interest with respect to telling the truth especially the whole truth as to what happened on 9/11/01 and how the WTC towers were destroyed. To date NIST has done nothing to correct this conflict. Thus NIST especially NIST’s contracting office and NIST’s office of their Inspector General are culpable in the horrendous fraud upon the American Public that Planes destroyed the WTC towers.   How did ARA get the NIST contract. Who in the current administration recommended them. What does the Congress know about DEWs and when did they know it.    How can NIST admit to Judy Wood that DEW’s may have destroyed the WTC TOWERS and not cancel its contract ARA.   Who will tell the people.    Substantiating links are found at… andPrograms/Information_Quality/PROD01_002619…   Dear. Dr. Wood:    I am in receipt of your August 22, 2007, with replacement pages submitted on August 23, 2007, appeal submitted under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines, Information Quality Standards, and Administrative Mechanism. Your appeal requests the reconsideration of NIST’s initial denial of your March 16, 2007 request for correction (#07-04) and your March 29, 2007 and April 20, 2007 supplements, which challenged the premises and “probable collapse sequence” proposed by NIST in NCSTAR 1 and asserted that Applied Research Associates (ARA) had a conflict of interest in performing work for the NIST World Trade Center (WTC) Investigation because ARA is a “significant manufacturer of directed energy weapons and/or components thereof.”    The preparation of a response to your appeal requires time to conduct thorough and comprehensive review of the materials submitted and to hold discussions with key NIST staff. While NIST’s goal is to respond to appeals within 60 days, due to the complexity of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation, we are unable to do so in this case. I anticipate that a response to your appeal will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in the quality of information disseminated by NIST.   Sincerely, Richard F. Kayser Acting Deputy Director    

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