European Union Environmental Commissioner acknowledges that “sprayin

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-11-16 10:03:13

 From Wayne Hall in Greece      European Union Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas has acknowledged that “spraying” is being carried out from aicraft and that the trails citizens are seeing in the sky are not just “normal” aircraft emissions.Here is his correspondence with our collaborator Grigoris……E-8F52369AE22A“Electoral candidate for the Greek “Ecologists Greens” Mr. Grigoris Maltezos sent a letter to the European Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas, asking for a serious and responsible reply on the subject of the provocative activity of those who have decided to carry out aerial spraying with chemicals in Greece, all of Europe and the United States, with all of us featuring as guinea pigs!!” (Comment of Aliki Stefanou)“The World-Wide Chemical Crime in the Atmosphere has many dimensions to it (political, economic, military) above and beyond the environmental.It sounds like an unbelievable science-fiction or horror story, and yet the latest revelations confirm that:“In the context of an American project aircraft are spraying a dangerous mixture of aluminium and barium in the skies of all of Europe. This “artificial” atmosphere, filled with chemicals, is supposed to cool the atmosphere of the earth and normalize the ozone layer.The result: incalculable damage to health and environment.Hundreds of thousands of people are monitoring the abovementioned processes. –Five to ten aircraft appear both in rural and in urban areas and fly back and forth at a height of around 6,000 metres. What at first appears to be an ordinary aircraft condensation trail from its emissions, if the spectator should happen to look at it more closely or for longer, leaves him bewildered. These trails which are formed create a regular pattern and after a few minutes do not disperse but remain suspended. Another arrangement which frequently appears looks like a string of pearls, which can also assume the appearance of drops of liquid. Slowly but surely over a period of 30 to 60 minutes the trails spread out to form a persistent opaque mass of cloud, of a milky, foam-like texture.What initially appeared to be an aircraft condensation trail has developed into what looks like a layer of fog. Within a space of between two and five hours it has covered the section of the sky that was being criss-crossed by the aircraft with a dense blanket of foggy cloud. . WE ARE NO LONGER SATISFIED WITH THE ANSWERS BEING RECEIVED BY CITIZENS, PARLIAMENTARIANS AND EUROPARLIAMENTARIANS THAT “WE ARE NOT AWARE….” PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING!!! AND MANY OF OUR FELLOW-CITIZENS ARE INEXPLICABLY BECOMING SICK WITH “ENVIRONMENTAL” ILLNESSES… LOOK AT THE STATISTICS FOR DOCUMENTED ANSWERS!I ASK YOU THIS ON BEHALF OF ALL THE CITIZENS OF EUROPE.WITH RESPECT,GRIGORIS MALTEZOSMr. Maltezos received this reply from Commissioner Dimas:
October 15th, 2007 at 5:10 pm #
In response to: Maltezos
Mr. Maltezos,Thank you for your question on the spraying from aircraft, which has preoccupied me many times in the past also. At this moment I do not have information on the basis of which it could be concluded that the spraying contains dangerous substances or that there is a problem with public health.Stavros Dimas __________________Let us deal gently with the truth. No more scaremongering: about nukes, about the climate, about terrorists, about anything.

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