Tom Valone Reviews a Myriad of Alternative Energy Technologies

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-11-27 09:57:49

   www.americanantigrav… Tom Valone Reviews a Myriad of Alternative Energy Technologies The travesty is that the global warming we are experiencing is entirely unnecessary — if we would but just pursue these alternatives that have been available for so long. Report on his lecture at the New Energy Movement Conference, Sept. 25, Portland, Oregon, USA. by T. Cullen and Susan M. CarterPure Energy Systems NewsPORTLAND, OREGON, USATom Valone, President of Integrity Research Institute (IRI), speaking at the New Energy Movement conference was a powerhouse of knowledge and facts and gave a thorough overview of where we are currently at with energy needs and where we could go in the future to meet those needs.His first blockbuster fact caught the audience’s attention immediately; 85% of energy today comes from the combustion of dead fossils, forcing the world’s atmosphere to overheat. We are likely seeing the results of global warming in our weather such as the four hurricanes in Florida.Valone commented that Hubbard’s Peak – the peak of oil production – is right on the projected mark for the US. Most alarming is that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at three hundred parts per million (ppm), the highest it has been in 400,000 years and may reach six hundred ppm by 2050.Further evidence of global warming are the liquid lakes at the North Pole. The ice cap is rapidly disappearing, which effects the reflected solar radiation, causing other global weather changes. Valone warned ominously that a sixth to eighty percent reduction in carbon emissions is required to stop global warming.The most frustrating fact of all, he stated, was that two thirds of all the electricity produced in the US is wasted.IRI is researching the following energy solutions:• atmospheric electricity• nuclear• quantum vacuum zero point• space propulsion energy• magnetic motorsAtmospheric ElectricityBen Franklin almost had it clear back in the 1700’s. Electrostatic motors have been known about since the beginning of this country. One motor has been operating for eighty-six years and counting. Reference was made to the American Journal of Physics, 1971, pg. 778, regarding the 200 Gigawatt potential in the atmosphere.The most promising technology has been known about nearly one hundred years: Tesla’s Wardencliff tower and scalar waves. Valone has researchers that have analyzed every part and verified each component of Tesla’s system to broadcast power worldwide. IRI is currently working to rebuild a Wardencliff tower.NuclearNuclear power is about more than just nuclear power plants. Valone told the NEM audience about nuclear batteries and the work by Betavoltaics and Nuclear Solutions. He mentioned Paul Brown’s patents for extracting energy safely from radioactive materials without nuclear power plants.A very promising development in the works is the photo-remediation of nuclear waste, and a method of using iodine to produce power. The studies in this field are showing one Megawatt in produces twenty Megawatts out.Proton – Boron fusion was mentioned, where the reaction between a proton and Boron produces Helium with no radioactivity. Dense plasma is focused in a unique device which produces the 1 billion degrees necessary to make Hydrogen and Boron fuse together into Helium without high energy neutrons being released. A garage-sized fusion reactor would produce energy ten times better than the Tokamak Reactor currently does. (See for more information).Quantum Vacuum Zero PointValone next spoke about the controversial quantum vacuum and zero point energy, pointing out that zero-point energy is NOT conserved. The energy density of zero-point energy is debatable.Many areas in this field are being studied: the Casimer Force, electron-positron production, electron charge cluster technology, toroidal fields, solid state diodes, and other devices. Electron charge clusters are showing nine times over unity. Electric Arc Discharge Accelerators also have more potential energy out than electrical energy in. We may someday rectify thermo-electric noise with diode circuitsOn the positive side of this debate, over unity (and its synonyms) are being mentioned in mainstream literature. Dr. Peter Graneau is getting 150% efficiency outputs and has been published in peer reviewed journals. Pinto actually mentioned “free energy” in his abstract published in Physical Review Rev. B, 60 21, 1999 p. 4457. He uses micro lasers and nanotechnology to get huge improvements in the Casimer force (one Kilowatt per meter squared). Valone further mentioned that Feigle was the first physicist to use ZPE to satisfy energy conservation.Space Propulsion discusses a hydrodynamic model of vehicle interactions with zero-point energy as it loses its drag at 0 degrees Kelvin. Valone described the works of Paul H. Hill on inertial control, and how the apparent 90 degree right hand turns by UFOs can be explained with knowledge of zero-point energy and inertia. A discussion on space propulsion energy would not be complete without discussing the gravity work of T.T. Brown and John Searl.Valone briefly mentioned his own past work on homopolar generators, and the current work by Roshin and Godin. He reminded the group that homopolar generators produce a seven degree drop in temperature in the area around the generator.Magnetic MotorsValone is currently most interested in a magnetic motor design by South African, Mike Brady. Because he could not find any patent information, he said he supposed the design is public domain. (See for more information about Mike Brady). Valone hopes to have his replication of this motor done within a month.Other magnetic motor designs were covered such as the Hartman Patent #4,215,330, a Spiral Magnetic Motor and a flywheel vehicle power project. He referred to the June 1979 issue of Popular Science and the March 2004 issue of Aviation Week magazines.ConclusionTom Valone, true to his reputation, packed his time with innovative developments in the energy field. He made the point well that there is no reason to depend so heavily on fossil fuels; from Franklin to Tesla we have had all the technology we need. With new inventions there are even fewer excuses. The travesty is the global warming we are now experiencing, because of fossil fuels, has been unnecessary.### BIO Tom Valone President of Integrity Research Institute  

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