Henry Deacon on “What’s going on”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-12-20 20:13:52

Bill Deagle seems to come off quite well – I would disagree with that much. www.projectcamelot.o…   For Henry’s background and for a transcript of our first interview, please click here. A few months later, we published updates here and here. These were compilations of further information from ongoing communications we had received. All three should ideally be read carefully before studying the further report which follows here._____________________________Our last communication from Henry was on 30 March, 2007. Since then he had been totally silent, despite many efforts to re-establish contact. Prior to his last communication, he had told us that he was being ‘coerced’, and that he decided to cease communication with everyone. Eight months later, we’re delighted to report that we’ve heard from Henry again, soon after our return to Los Angeles after spending some time in Europe. His reasons for cutting off contact were multiple: he had indeed been coerced, but there were also many personal issues which influenced his decision to ‘go quiet’ for a while. Now, however, there are a number of factors that have motivated him to speak up once more. We salute his courage – and share his concerns. _____________________________The Report from Iron Mountain For this update, Henry specifically asked us to refer again to The Report from Iron Mountain, which he spoke about in our first interview. For those unfamiliar with the document, this is the detailed report by a major think tank that was commissioned by JFK in the early 60s, briefed to focus on emerging major problems of the world in the post-war era. Although it exists more or less in its entirety, Henry was adamant that a false introduction had been added to the Report as damage control after it had been widely leaked and published as a book. The idea was then ‘seeded’ that it was imaginative fiction. Henry is adamant that it is not fiction.To summarize the document is impossible in a single paragraph. The relevance to the present day is that the problem of the Earth’s rapidly growing population is one of the core themes. Henry states that most of the recommendations of the think tank report have now been implemented.Henry had been given the official document to read in a government meeting in Tucson, Arizona, in 1986, in which a high-ranking military briefing officer made this statement, in connection with the document: “There are sheep and there are wolves. We are the wolves.” _____________________________Threats to life as we know it Henry’s reason for coming forward again is that he is concerned that we are in deep trouble. He has watched most of Dr Bill Deagle’s December 2006 Grenada Forum lecture and confirmed to us that much of what he heard Bill Deagle speak about was accurate.Some of the important information Henry gave is summarized here: 1) Stealth pathogens have been covertly deployed with the intention of reducing the world’s population. Henry was aware of many other programs besides the weaponized Avian flu deployment described in detail by Bill Deagle. Weapons that are genetically selective (racial) were also mentioned. Also, “Environmental threats” he had referred to in his previous update here, were reiterated. 2) Attention should be paid to Alex Jones’s documentary Endgame, which documents comprehensive and well-established plans to reduce the world’s population to a manageable 500 million. (This is also reported in detail by Deagle.) 3) Naomi Wolf is accurate in her assessment of the coming threat to US democracy, brilliantly laid out in her book The End of America. 4) It is likely that there will be an economic meltdown in the very near future, starting with the dollar, then spreading to the pound and then the euro and onwards. This could happen at any time. In an extreme case, cash holdings may be next to useless. Bartering of skills and commodities might be a useful alternative for survival during those times. Water purification facilities are a good investment. Psychological/Spiritual (not religious) focus is Most important for one’s readiness. 5) A Solar CME (Corona Mass Ejection) is likely, but in Henry’s words is “Russian Roulette” as whatever transpires depends on the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun when it occurs, and also – for specific global areas – on the rotation of the Earth itself. 6) Henry suggests those with the means to do so to find a safe place as soon as possible. It should be away from coastal areas and other locations vulnerable to flooding; be away from earthquake fault zones; be away from major conurbations and population centers; ideally have at least part of the dwelling against a hillside or under the ground; and have reliable access to uncontaminated fresh water and food. 7) To protect against the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that might be associated with a Corona Mass Ejection or EMP devices, electronic components should be (a) wrapped first in cotton or natural cloth (an insulator) and then (b) wrapped in aluminum foil, or buried in the ground or stored in a metal container. 8) In the event of a heavy EMP, any vehicle with an electronic engine management system would be vulnerable to being rendered useless. A reliable powered vehicle to have would be a diesel-engined car or truck, old enough to contain no electronic components. Bicycles are a good asset. 9) Ham (Amateur) radio systems may be the only reliable means of communication for local and global communications. Even these systems may fail temporarily to some degree for direct, long distance communications, if the ionosphere is perturbed by HAARP-like systems or Solar activity. 10) Vitamin D3 (5000 IU per day) provides excellent cheap insurance against viral epidemics, whether natural or engineered. Dark-skinned people may require slightly higher doses. More than 5000 IU per day is not recommended on a regular basis. D3 has many additional benefits to include teleomere protection. Ten to twenty minutes of exposure to sunlight (on your skin) will generate more than enough D3, but for those who are indoors most of the day (elderly or office workers), or those who are in high-latitudes (during winters) should compensate with approx 5000 IU per day of D3.11) Working free energy systems have been developed, in essence making use of the Casimir effect (which Henry explained would come as no surprise to most “physicists”). In general, the resulting technologies have been withheld from the public not for economic reasons such as oil interests, but because it had been judged that widely available free energy would only speed the unchecked growth of the world’s population – this being regarded by the Powers that Be as the most pressing problem of our times. Due to many religious and other social constructs, addressing the population growth issue appears to have no gentle, timely, easy solution. _____________________________ Apocalypse now? Maybe, or maybe not. Close observers of the current global situation differ in their views and their evaluations. Many are optimistic that corners have been turned. Dan Burisch has very recently stated (November 2007) that he believes we are safely on Timeline 1 (as opposed to the catastrophic ‘T2’). Others are not at all sure that we are out of the woods on all economic and geopolitical counts and fear that things may get a lot worse before they get better. Forewarned is forearmed. For the record, Henry believes that it is almost too late to do anything whatsoever except safeguard oneself personally (especially through nondogmatic-religious, mental/emotional/spiritual preparation). It is to his credit that he has allowed us to publish this update. Those familiar with Bill Deagle’s views will know that he too has said – a full year ago – that we are at “one second to midnight”.Two statements are important here:We at Project Camelot believe that it’s not too late to spread the word – if word needs to be spread. Every life saved is a gift. And it’s possible that by marshaling positive intent on a widespread scale, disasters may be minimized or even averted altogether. While we’re watching the situation very carefully, those who listened to Deagle’s December 2006 lecture will note that nothing too bad has happened yet. If we make it through 2008 as another ‘reasonably normal’ year – with no nuclear detonations, terrorist attacks (real or fabricated), pandemics, or economic meltdown, then there may be good reason for renewed optimism. We live for that day. Separately, Henry has asked us to state on his behalf that he is fiercely critical of anyone who is producing information or making money on the back of potential catastrophe by selling products or information at anything other than reasonable normal prices. (Of course, we agree.) He believes that all helpful information must be free and available to all people, with consideration given that one must weigh if what is disseminated will provide the greatest good for the overall future of humankind. Henry states: “Be a part of nature and let go of your fears. Go with the flow. A lifetime is short. There is not much time. So Slow Down as you travel through time and enjoy each moment – the here and now.” _____________________________ Other information We could never have an in-depth conversation with Henry without our touching on other topics – some of them in considerable depth. It had always been that way.• We heard more about the Mars Colony (old, multifunctional, the largest of several on the planet, almost completely underground, and occupied by many diverse groups); • We were told that the terraforming of Mars has begun; • Global warming is natural and not created by human activities. It is well known that all of the planets are in a state of global warming during this period. The destruction of the world’s forests are of great concern to Henry. • Henry confirmed that David Wilcock’s contact ‘Daniel’ was fairly accurate in his depiction of the Montauk project (the one correction being that the means of transport to Mars is now via jumprooms rather than jumpgates) • Henry confirmed that Bill Deagle’s information is fairly accurate (with the caveat that Henry had not heard of Project Omega, and that some of the ‘electronic cage’ scenarios referenced by Deagle were plans which had not yet been implemented); • We learned that the alien visitor referred to in his original interview was slim, although human-proportioned – was low in mass, was dark in color, had “squinty, slanted eyes”, did not appear to attempt any form of communication (possibly due to the condition of “his” health), and survived for about a week, his death probably being caused by poor treatment and a couple of portable devices having been (ignorantly!) taken away/removed from him; • Henry estimated that there were, on Earth, currently at least 40 differing groups of “alien” visitors, from different places or times, and with many different agendas; • Henry told us again that Alpha Centauri A was an inhabited system (confirming what we had learned in our first interview); • We asked Henry what he knew of exotic propulsion systems. He replied that there were many different technologies. One that he knew a little about featured the creation of a ‘gravity well’ in front of the craft – the system remotely looking like the physical construct of a small linear accelerator (wave-guide) projecting off of a central “orb”. He stressed that this was a very loose analogy. This is used by some of our own advanced vehicles.Other technologies require pilot(s) who interface consciously with the craft, as was reported by Col. Philip Corso in his book The Day After Roswell. Remotely similar to system control in the Montauk Projects, and described in detail by David Wilcock in his interview with us here, the emotional focus of the pilot must be extremely stable (more so than can be attained by almost any present-day earth humans). For this reason, some of the visitors – who were time-traveling future humans – had been ‘modified’ biotechnologically to optimize the interface. • We asked Henry if the Apollo astronauts had actually gone to the moon. This was a question that had not actually previously occurred to us in earlier meetings. There was a long pause before Henry replied saying: Yes, they had. But it was not a simple answer.Most of the missions did indeed go to the moon, but some photos and film footage were fabricated for PR purposes, and – remarkably – some advanced technology was borrowed: a lightweight nano tech-skin shielding combined with a charged-field technology were utilized on some of the craft to provide very effective radiation shielding, combined with other technologies used to protect the astronauts from Gamma and other hazardous radiations and energetic particles during the journeys. Additional advanced “alien” technologies were added to land the Lunar Module and assist take-off from the moon.Some Apollo astronauts were aware of these technologies (though only a couple were aware of the alternative space program). This accounts for some general reluctance to be interviewed or to speak openly on the subject. Their anger at those who claim they never went at all is understandable, because they did indeed reach the moon. They were very brave men… and they had some help. • Incredibly, Henry stated that the one moon we have now is known to have been engineered into position eons ago. When we asked if this was done by our ancestors or by our creators, the answer came back “both”. • There is sentient life on a number of other planets in the solar system. General conditions ‘out there’ are not always as has been presented. Henry stated that Mars had experienced several catastrophes, not all naturally caused. He told us that it was known that the Van Allen belt had been created artificially a long time ago to provide protection to the Earth and its extraordinary teeming life. The present condition of the Van Allen belt is in a functionally deteriorated state. It was also put in-place to prevent “primitives” from leaving Earth before certain criteria were met. • Henry continued to urge us to interview the great writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke, who was 90 on 16th December 2007. Those who saw Clarke’s magnificent movie 2001 will remember that an alien black monolith was discovered in the crater Tycho. Henry told us that certain lunar magnetic field anomalies (just as in the film) have been discovered. But he does not have any information about what was discovered. It seems that Arthur C. Clarke knew exactly what he was writing about. Keep an eye out on Europa! _____________________________ The Secret Space Program: for our benefit, or that of others? Maybe most importantly, Henry held the strong opinion that what has become frequently referred to as ‘the secret space program’ is well-intentioned (at least one of the programs) and is being managed by a group with the purpose of ensuring that the human race will survive, come what may.For that reason, Henry was extremely reluctant to do or say anything to jeopardize its continuation. He urged us to support his stance.In answer to our many questions, he explained that a classified, alternative space program, not in any way connected with the use of rocket motors, began soon after World War II and that other agendas – such as to radically reduce the world’s population, and keep the remnants under tightly corralled control – were being pursued by entirely different and separate groups.He emphasized that there was extreme diversity and compartmentalization among behind-the-scenes governing groups on Earth (just as among the alien visitors), had not seen any evidence that one single group was in overall control, and that their differing plans and agendas for the human race were not in any kind of strong alignment.Most interestingly, he told us that the Department of Homeland Security (apparently the name bears little relation to its function) had been established partially as a co-ordinating organization for at least some of these groups (many of them intel) after other attempts to facilitate the groups working together to share project information had failed. Henry had been part of some of those attempts, which is one reason why he is so unusually well-informed in diverse areas (compartmentalized for many people) where much information is not shared at all. This extreme compartmentalization seems to explain the confusion about how it was that the controllers, whoever they are, appear on the one hand intent on exterminating or controlling huge numbers of people… while on the other hand are actively reaching for the stars. Henry again stressed the very high level of complexity, urged us to take our attention off intriguing issues such as Mars, exotic technology and alien visitation, and focus instead on immediate threats to our survival, freedom and reorganization closer to your Ýhome. We acknowledge his wish and hope that we have represented him fairly and accurately. _____________________________ It’s not too late Henry told us many times that he did not believe that essential information could possibly be presented to the public in such a way that they would be able to understand, accept and work with it in a timely, calm and rational manner. He feels that the Powers that Be are (in general, planned genocide notwithstanding) doing their best to handle an overwhelmingly difficult and complex situation by keeping the public uninvolved. He believes that it now appears to be too late to do anything to change the direction of many already implemented major global agendas. Unfortunately, critical situations may soon become quite apparent to us and may leave us in a state of confusion and chaos. Only prepared minds will be able to calmly sail hrough the stormy seas ahead. We at Project Camelot believe strongly that the public has a right to know their history; their identity; their future; the problems the world faces; who our real friends and foes are; and everything that has happened and is happening in our own solar system and on the planet which is our only current home.This is our only area of disagreement with Henry, who has become a close friend. We will never believe it’s too late. We encourage everyone reading this page to copy its contents in full for the widest possible distribution. 17 December, 2007  

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