Secrecy, UFOs & Disclosure – Daniel Sheehan

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-12-22 18:14:14

Daniel Sheehan – Disclosure issues – Coast To Coast AM – Dec 16 2007.mp3 (19.5 MB)   Top link:   www.checktheevidence… Secrecy, UFOs & DisclosureAttorney and activist Daniel Sheehan joined host George Knapp (email) for a discussion on secrecy and disclosure, with a particular emphasis on UFOs. Sheehan said he is involved with John Edwards’ presidential campaign, and as part of that, he is working on establishing a Peace and Reconciliation Commission. The commission would acknowledge criminal acts done in secrecy (going as far back as the JFK assassination) in order to create a movement towards reform, he outlined. As a special consultant for the Jesuit office in 1977, Sheehan said he investigated classified UFO files. He was allowed to view microfiche images at the Library of Congress and described seeing a photo of a crashed saucer-shaped disc stuck in a snowy mud-bank. The craft was surrounded by Air Force personnel and had symbols etched on the bottom of its protruding dome. He said he projected the microfiche onto his pad and made a tracing of the symbols. Marcia Smith, an analyst at the Congressional Research Service, concluded that there were between two to six sentient evolved civilizations in our galaxy, Sheehan reported. He also spoke of meeting Gorbachev, who gave him a contact for UFO information– a man from a Hebrew language newspaper in Russia. Sheehan was told of an incident that occurred outside Moscow in which a UFO landed on a soccer field, a blue light emerged and a man disappeared, only to be re-materialized by the ship later.

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