FW: Project Camelot: a comprehensive update

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-12-29 08:53:18

Project Camelot: a new conversation with David Wilcock #ygrps-yiv-1631213076 .ygrps-yiv-1631213076style1 { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;} #ygrps-yiv-1631213076 .ygrps-yiv-1631213076style2 { COLOR:#990033;} #ygrps-yiv-1631213076 .ygrps-yiv-1631213076style3 { FONT-WEIGHT:bold;COLOR:#000000;} #ygrps-yiv-1631213076 .ygrps-yiv-1631213076style6 { COLOR:#000000;} This could be interesting…! Andrew Dear All, Project Camelot Headlines:**********1) A new video from Project Camelot: JUMPROOM TO MARS : a conversation with David Wilcock

2) Project Camelot has had renewed contact with Henry Deacon, and has published a new and important statement from him.
********** The Details:
1) JUMPROOM TO MARS : an impromptu video conversation with David Wilcock covering new info from two deep black insiders

projectcamelot.org/d… This video captures an informal and spirited 45-minute conversation between David Wilcock and ourselves at a restaurant where we met up for dinner in early December. We were exchanging information and comparing the testimonies from Project Camelot’s Henry Deacon (see below) and David’s Montauk source ‘Daniel’, and had found some very important corroborations.Captured live on camera with editing only to switch between the two cameras, David gives his unrehearsed response to new information Project Camelot has learned about the colony on Mars, the secret space program, the Apollo missions, and more.This interview contains significant new information which we believe to be fully credible. Did we really make it to the moon in 1969? Do we really have a base on Mars? Why is the secret space program so important? What is the relationship with Montauk? What truths may be concealed in Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal film, 2001? Join us at the restaurant table and find out in this interview – you may enjoy the ride.projectcamelot.org/d…
Click here to download the video:projectcamelot.org/d…Click here to stream the video on Google:video.google.com/vid…
* * * * * 2) Project Camelot has had renewed contact from Henry Deacon, and has published a new and important statement from him.
projectcamelot.org/l… This long page contains a huge amount of information, much of it new. Be sure to read it all.. there are major surprises towards the end. Henry went through it line by line and has added his own comments, amendments and clarifications. We at Project Camelot have added our own balance to some of his opinions – but we fully respect his concerns. To stick one’s head in the sand about potential major global problems is not the answer.Henry’s new information about the Mars Colony, the secret space program, and story behind the Apollo missions are the core subject of our conversation with David Wilcock, just released. Some of these details are startling and will be of great interest to researchers. * * * * * 3) Coming soon

– We have recently interviewed Richard Hoagland and will be releasing this shortly in three comprehensive parts.- We have some clarifications and new information from our Minot source, Jack Carter, which we will also publish soon.- A unpublished book, DIMENSIONS OF MYSTERY, by Otis T. Carr – and a comprehensive unpublished interview transcript of Carr being interviewed by Long John Nebel (the Art Bell of his day) – both of which Ralph Ring has recently discovered among his papers. We will post this extensive new material on our site as soon as possible.- We are still working on our Russian interviews from October. Please bear with us!* * * * * 4) What’s new

Please bookmark projectcamelot.org/w… for all updates, major and minor.* * * * *Best wishes to all,Bill and Kerry–Project CamelotSUPPORT FOR RESEARCHERS AND WHISTLEBLOWERSProject Camelot is a website formed in support of researchers and ‘whistleblowers’ who challenge current paradigms.  Our aim is to provide safety in numbers and thereby establish a climate of trust and support across many disciplines on behalf of disclosure of truth with an emphasis on the freedom to explore.Please note: this message has gone to a large number of people; you are not the only recipient. All e-mail addresses are hidden to protect the privacy of the recipients. If you no longer wish to receive Project Camelot updates, please let us know. Many thanks.
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