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Paradigm Research Group    PRG Update – January 4, 2008
Part I

ABC News Presidential Debates – Saturday Evening, January 5, 7-11 pm EST

There will be an unprecedented double header debate tomorrow night with both party’s candidates.   Every effort is being made to get more UFO/ET related questions into play.   It is notable the Wall Street Journal published a serious, front page article on the Kucinich sighting event on January 2.   [See: tinyurl. com/2cv9gn ]     Keep your fingers crossed and be sure to watch.X-Conference 2008 – the Insiders II   [www.x-conference. com]The April 18-20 conference is on schedule.  Registration is open at the website.   The Hilton Gaithersburg is booking rooms ($89/night single or double).An extraordinary group of speakers, panelists and keynoters is being assembled.    The speaker lineup to date is:  Stephen Bassett (Co-Host, Panel Moderator); Cheryll Jones (Co-Host); Paul Hellyer; Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell* (Keynote); Dr. Jesse Marcel; Astronaut, Dr. Brian O�Leary; Dr. Tom Valone;  Dr. John Alexander (Aviary); Dr. Bruce Maccabee (Aviary); Dr. C. B. “Scott’ Jones (Aviary); Grant Cameron; Richard Dolan; Victor Viggiani, Mike Bird, Rob Simone, Terry Hansen, more TBA.    * pending final commitmentAs a special feature for April PRG is trying to bring together as many members as possible from the legendary “Aviary” to participate in an Aviary Panel and to lecture.  This would be an unprecedented presentation.   PRG is committed to exploring and understanding the entire history of the UFO/ET era from inside and out.  There are so many stories yet to be to told, particularly from those within government who engaged the issue.   Ultimately the resolution of this extraordinary circumstance should be a joint effort between the people and the government.  The more we know, the better the outcome.Regardless when you plan to register, if you plan to stay at the Hilton, you need to book your rooms now.  The Booking Code is “X-Conference 2008.”   The Hilton Gaithersburg:  301-977-8900  ($89/night single or double)PRG Media Archive  [www.paradigmresearc newsitems2007. html]The PRG Media Archive has now passed 1700 articles (mainstream, no alternative media, no tabloids).  It is easily the largest compilation of accessible articles relating to the UFO/ET issue on the Internet.   It is notable the number of articles listed for 2007 (467) is two and one half times the number for 2006 (186) from the same sources.  While this is not a scientific indicator, it is difficult not to be stunned by the implied increase in mainstream news coverage of this issue in 2007.   If this level of coverage continues or increases in 2008 during the presidential campaigns, the truth embargo is going to come under considerable pressure.Rockefeller Initiative Page  [http://tinyurl. com/2o526u]PRG has created a very important page on the PRG website based upon the work of researcher Grant Cameron.   It is the most comprehensive compilation on the internet addressing the effort by Laurance Rockefeller between 1993-1996 to convince President Bill Clinton to effectively be the “Disclosure President.”   163 pages from the 900+ pages obtained via FOIA from the Clinton Office of Science and Technology Policy by Grant Cameron have been archived on the PRG site for easy access.  More will be going up.Considerable effort is being made to bring this page to the attention of the political media following the presidential campaigns.  The goal is to see the RI introduced as questions in the campaign debates.  Senator Hillary Clinton is the primary focus, but all candidates will be pressed to answer these questions relating to the UFO/ET issue.Also, more documents are now emerging from the Clinton Presidential Library thanks to more FOIA submissions by Grant Cameron.  Barring substantial redactions or outright misconduct by the Library it is expected that documents further confirming the RI will turn up and will be posted immediately.X-Conference 2007 Photo Gallery [http://tinyurl. com/2squol]The photo gallery from X-Conference 2007 is now up.  Many thanks to those contributing photos.  In addition to the website gallery, many more photos can be viewed at PRG’s Flickr account:  [http://tinyurl. com/3ywnsc]If you have photos from X-Conference 2007 (or 2005 and 2004) you would like to see in the PRG Gallery, please email them to PRG.  In fact, email any photos from any event you think would be appropriate for the Gallery.Request

The film footage of the X-Conference 2008 September 17 NPC press conference was lost due to technical problems.  If anyone else filmed that press conference, please contact PRG ASAP.  Much thanks. ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ___Paradigm Research Group4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814PRG@paradigmresearc  202-215-8344www.paradigmresearc
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