Uk Exo Event and Parallel Conference – Discounts for Exo Attendees

From: David Griffin

Date: 2008-01-30 07:41:34

For continued updates:…. Exopolitics UK in conjunction with the main Glastonbury event organisers are offering a third off the designated price for the main event ‘Now That’s Weird’.In June 2008 we will be staging an Exopolitics UK summit event in parallel to Ross Hemsworth’s broad conference to be held in Glastonbury. After discussion with the conference organisers we are pleased to be able to offer a significant discount – 1/3 Off advertised weekend ticket rate if you book via Exopolitics UK. Therefore in addition to hearing some great speakers from the UFOlogical, spiritual and scientific field you are also then welcome to join us on the Friday for the Uk Exo meeting at which many of the core European and global Exopolitics Institute will be present.
Exopolitics UK Summit and Glastonbury Event 20th-22nd June 2008 – Discounts For Summit Attendees
Meeting of like minds in England in June 2008. Ross Hemsworth has organised a major conference featuring some excellent speakers. We are greatful to the main event organisers for offering this facility to the Exopolitics community.For presenters see below.We are working with Ross and Paola Harris to stage a side summit meeting to discuss the development of Exopolitical issues and logistics. Many representatives from the UK, Eire, European and global Exo network will be attending this event and others demonstrating interest are welcome. Due to an agreement with the main event organisers, if you are interested in attending either the actual conference and/or the Exopolitics UK summit [Friday eve] we are able to offer you a significant discount on the weekend rate as established by the Glastonbury event organisers.Please register by the following route which will provide addition benefits and help us get European representatives to the event who already fund activist and informational strategies in their own region. We will sort tickets via the event organisers and in addition you will receive further details of the Exopolitics UK Summit.There is no cost increase for this simple gesture! Instead, so long as you come as part of a group – you can save a third off the ticket price. Given the quality of presenters and the costs involved in staging events – we think this is a good offer and would like to thank Ross and the main event organisers.Quote: Please contact David Griffin via the form on site:…. – david@ – SKYPE User: david.g23 – Check Exo UK site for updates: Exopolitics UK Alternatively if you were referred to the event from our site/mail out, mention this when booking and we’ll have your email passed on and will contact you direct anyway with the information.Friday 20th June – Exopolitics UK Summit Meeting – Agenda and Guests TBASat 21st June – Presenters: – Profs JJ & Desiree Hurtak from the USA [The Keys of Enoch and experts on the post-WWII UFO/Base phenomena] – 4 hours PresentationPlus: Nick Pope (Former MOD UFO Investigator)Paola Harris from the USA (Underground alien bases on Earth) Andrew Collins (Life in Plasma and the Fifth Dimension – the Key to Alien Abductions)Alan Foster (Crop Circles)Adrian Gilbert (Stargates & alien contact with Mayans & Egyptians)Malcolm Robinson (Strange Phenomena Investigator) Sunday 22nd June – Conspiracies & Mysteries/ParanormalProf John Searl (The Searl FREE energy generator)Annie Machon – (Former MI5 agent and now a whistleblower)Ralph Ellis (The Egyptians in Scotland and Ireland) George Lockett (Spiritual Helaing and Humanities Team)Brian Allan from Scotland (The Rosslyn Chapel Mystery Decoded)Trevor Jones & Dr Liz Williams (Teaching the basics of witchcraft!)This may just be the biggest UK conference of 2008 so book early! Note from main event organisers: Contact David Griffin at Exopolitics UK to reserve tickets, but be warned the venue only seats 200 people and is already selling fast! So don’t leave it too late. Also – being the Summer Solstice weekend, and the week before the Glastonbury pop festival, local accommodation will become scarce very soon. Click for Direct Site –… Exopolitics UK – Link to Post – Back to Top – Report this post   Logged “The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill.” R.A.W.

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