From a UK contact now in INDIA-The Chemtrailing has begun.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-02-16 10:18:27

I just received this from a contact in India. Please forward as necessary. —–Original Message—–From: stopchemtrailsuk@yah… [mailto:stopchemtrailsuk@yah…]On Behalf Of carter.carolineSent: 16 February 2008 05:24To: stopchemtrailsuk@yah…Subject: [stopchemtrailsuk] INDIA-The Chemtrailing has begun.Apparently chemtrails are chaf, or so this weather man seems to com/watch? v=qc0TWVtozioI am in India working with a street children’s charity. I am seldomnear anywhere with net access.Chemtrailing started here just before Christmas, I believe this to bethe first time as I have spent the past four seasons here withoutseeing one chem. (part of the attraction)Many people especially children, have deep hacking coughs and surprisesurprise flu like symptoms.I find this extra sad as they are buying in the pharmacies medicinesfor flu that are banned worldwide. These drugs are banned becausethey cause liver failure, stroke and cancer. Great flu cures though!Anyone thinking of visiting India should check the list of medicinesI have put up . bulldoghome. com/pages/ ccaudwell_ bulldoghome_ com/Warning/ index.html.I will also request, albeit not quite the groups purpose, that ifanyone has Indian friends they pass this info on, mainly as many UKIndian families do still have contact with relatives here and we aredoing our utmost to spread this information as fast and as far as ishumanly possible.I consider every person informed is one less chemtrail related victim.This is a definite case of the cure being worse than the sickness.The evil f—– may have started on India late but they are at itwith a vengeance.Very heavy chemtrailing is taking place, mainly under cover ofdarkness. Saw a few trails being laid in December when the sky wasstill blue but now sky is seldom clear enough to see much at all . Nomore blue skies in the morning just a thick white blanket.How they are covering such a mass is beyond me. I am on west coast where earlier this year the sun slipped slowly intothe sea every evening. Not any more, sun now disappears behind athick fog bank a long time before it gets even close to the horizon. Seen sun dogs at midday and the nights are akin to aluminum snowblizzards. The locals all complain that is much colder than usual. For the firsttime since I have been coming here I find I need a jumper for theevenings as well as having a blanket on bed..There can be no doubt that here at least the genocide program is infull swing.. .

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