Honouring the Real Truth of Ground Zero

 By Keith Mothersson

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September 11th 2001 was so shocking that most people didn’t notice how the Manhattan murders were instantly framed as an ‘attack on America’, i.e. something from outside requiring a military response, not good domestic policework.occasionally bolstered by fake ‘Bin Laden’ videotapes and occasional show trials based on ‘confessions’ extracted under torture.unit by any alleged plane and pre-announced by the BBC twenty five minutes early (oops!).


However thanks to the 911 truth movement more and more people have wised up to another sort of ‘framing’ that day as well, the framing up of Muslims from Oil-land as so-called ‘hijackers’, despite a complete lack of evidence (except from entirely unreliable sources: "Ye who are conscious of God – If a fasiq comes with alarming news, make sure to verify their word, lest you afflict people out of your ignorance, and regret your action." Holy Qur’an, Surah 49:6)



In October 2006 a CBS/New York Times poll found that only 16 percent of Americans continue to believe that their government has told the truth. Unfortunately the mainstream media blockade continues, so the official mythology is just about holding up,



Avoiding the swamp of ‘fasiq’ allegations about a supposed entity called ‘Al-Qaeda’, most 9/11 truth activists have increasingly homed in on unarguable physical phenomena from the day in question, such as the absence of any plane-sized hole at the Pentagon.



Of all the 911 events, few have spoken more powerfully than the neat ‘collapse’ (controlled demolition) in free-fall time of the 47 storey steel-framed World Trade Centre Building 7 at 5.20 in the afternoon,



If one, why not the twin towers also?, which were also destroyed in the time equivalent to that which the top floor of these towers would have taken to reach the ground if they had been falling through air, and not through 109 other stories of steel-framed building!


For those whose heads begin to swim, at this point, let me just add: None of us need worry about our lack of degrees in Physics and Engineering! By the age of ten we had already figured out that apples dropped through a pile of apples would take longer to reach the floor than when dropped through air, likewise sticks through a pile of sticks, books through a pile of books, etc.


So demolition it is then – but have we looked carefully enough?

After two years when most truth-activists accepted the Prof Steven Jones theory of the towers being demolished using thermate-enhanced military explosives, many of us are now realizing just how many weird physical phenomena can’t be captured in Jones’ hypothesis, not just in the towers but across the whole World Trade Centre site as a whole and even up to seven blocks away!



Mechanical and materials engineer Dr Judy Wood has assembled an impressive website with extraordinary pictures of hundreds of


  • – ‘toasted’ or overturned cars,
  • – huge vertical ‘pastry cut-outs’ which hollowed out Building 6,
  • – beams shredding, turning to jelly or with snakelike contortions,
  • – ‘meteorites’ of fused steel and concrete,
  • – flickering fires which didn’t burn paper,
  • – cold dust clouds, etc.

Many of these phenomena correlate closely with experimental effects created in directed energy experiments of Canadian inventor John Hutchison, whose work came to the attention of the Pentagon in the 1980’s.



It has been shown in photographs Dr Wood has collected that the rubble pile from WTC 1 & 2 was very small – less than 3 stories high. A "cover story" says that the steel was all quickly shipped to China or Asia, but the pictures, taken before WTC 7 was destroyed, tell the truth. Videos,when examined closely, show steel and concrete from the towers turning to dust as the material fell. What technology can do that?



It looks so obvious now, but it seems that for six years we were so spell-bound by the WHO and the WHY and the HOW of 911 that we have mostly omitted to begin by a close forensic examination of WHAT happened! Building 7 fell down, but the bulk of the material in the twin towers turned to fine dust and was spewed out upwards, which is why Dr Wood has launched a formidable legal case against the National Institutes for Science and Technology for fraudulently speaking of building ‘collapse’.



One huge implication is that once people realise that the Military-industrial complex and Big Oil have been hiding such amazing energy technology in so-called "Black Projects", what pressure might not build for enforcing accountability over these and over those secret fraternities, so that innumerable secret or bought-up discoveries concerning ecological alternatives to petrol engines might be brought into play at this time of accelarating climate havoc?



And 911 is still happening! – Not only in the sense that we all, Muslims especially, suffer the psychological strain and physical oppression of the aftermath of this global coup. But also in another sense which Dr Judy Wood attributes to the ‘non-self-quenching’ nature of ‘Hutchison effect’ type technology.



It seems that some switch was turned on at the deep molecular level which leads to continuing slow motion molecular dissociation in buildings ‘infected’ in 2001, such as the Bankers Trust building which after fruitless repairs is now being dismantled, supposedly because of a "mould infection". Photos from the site, however, indicate levels of rusting in the steel far beyond anything that is normal.




From Day One the sorcerers of 911 have been struggling to manage their wayward apprentice, with scores of huge trucks bringing in top soil in a vain attempt to quench this phenomenon. And still today they come and return at the end of the week to ship it all out again!



Now that we’ve noticed, how can they hide these trucks, and how on earth will they explain them?



Now that you’ve noticed, who will you tell?



Or, as the masthead of Judy Wood’s website proclaims: ‘A time comes when silence is betrayal’ (Martin Luther King)


Further study:

google: Hunt The Rubble ; and then graduate to http://www.drjudywoood.com/




also see www.911scholars.org


Keith Mothersson is the Scottish representative of the Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance for 911 Truth. The recent Declaration and Appeal of All Faiths for 911 Truth can be accessed on their website, at www.mujca.com/allfai…


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hard evidence

Can’t we just stick with the absolutely proved use of explosives at the three buildings? Any attempt to bring in weird ideas can only weaken the case with the public. Those damaged cars by the way were obviously towed out of the way.

Absolute proof: See here 

and here 

Keith Mothersson Responded with what amounted to being an additional article!

Truth is a process of awakening


Hi gravity 32.

Good question – I would say that the dynamics of a truth movement are different from a party line type organisation which agrees on some good-enough version of reality and then just settles down to disseminate and defend that at all cost.

In what follows I want to turn the weirdness argument back on your side of the net, but first I want to mention some of the real problems with Steven Jones’ work, which defenders of the official conspiracy theory will doubtless try to exploit.

It was out of this concern and after conducting an experiment (with a research associate who was subsequently murdered in a mysterious no money mugging) which disproved one weak link in Steven’s argument that Judy began to break with Steven and the many people (me too for ages!) who were a little too desperate to have an authority-figure Physics Prof on board (though it seemed to serve us well for many months)

(It may or may not be relevant, (or anything to do with Steve personally if so), that subsequently Judy was perhaps further threatened by proxy? when friends/mentors of hers at Virginia Tech were slaughtered by a ‘lone nut rampage’ – around premises she frequented. – see CB’s second link above)

Subsequently questions have arisen about

a) where Steven had come from (e.g. previous work unfairly denigrated suppressed cold fusion; work with Los Alamos on exotic weapon physics) okay – anyone can have a change of heart;

b) why he hadn’t come in much earlier, but only when it seemed inevitable that the truth movement was going to move into MIHOP – okay, anyone can catch on slowly! ;

c) why he has used photos which have been touched up – knowingly or unknowingly, but then removed them when this is pointed out but without explanation;

d) the poor (unclear) chain of custody of samples of molten metal said to have come from Ground Zero – okay, anyone can make mistakes;

e) why he presents himself as just a Physics prof but then allowed himself to slip in comments about ‘the hijackers’ etc, when he ought not to repeat racist rumours lacking evidential foundation from an academic podium. Okay, lots of other high-profile figures in the truth movement continue to validate stories of hijackers – but some would say that is how/why they have been allowed to become dominant in a truth movement which at all times is having to renew itself against infiltration/co-option. [As one person came out of a talk by William Rodriguez [who also validates the hijacker nonsense] she asked her neighbour – ‘I wonder how Al-Qaeda managed to get access to the buildings to plant those explosives?’ ]

Anyway, some of Jones’ work can still be useful, as you point out, but to my mind Judy Wood’s billiard ball demonstration is sweeter, easier to understand. click here

Common ground may exist between the two theories in so far as thermate could have been used for the lowest fifth or sixth of the central columns, and even surrounding ones – but no sign of columns being blown out above that height.

OK so we agree on inside job destruction, but not ‘controlled explosions’ exactly a) because the experimental phenomenon set off was partly uncontrolled – witness the need to keep hosing and or shuffling topsoil; and b) because what happened was 97 percent instant dustification in mid air, quite unlike a normal demolition.

What are the campaigning and sociological differences of this difference? I believe that subconsciously the public can appreciate that difference, indeed through the shock and awe of 9/11, have been traumatised and then reassured with expert framing of the event and have been constantly fed images of planes going in and buildings falling down in such as way as to reinforce what amounts to hypnotism. Thus they have been

a) told something visually, and

b) also told NOT TO KNOW that,

but this contradiction means that they also ‘know’ some other things: that

c) they’d be safer not thinking too hard about it,

d) for to do so would risk the wrath of the powerful (who can zap anyone to dust at any time).

We can’t get free up the sources of critical thinking and skilful action about 911 (to wit compassion and indignation), we can’t heal this traumatic wound in the public psyche unless we go back to the original source of the hypnotic implant and address the fact that unlike WTC7 the twin towers destruction was utterly ‘weird’, to reflect your word back at your side of the net.

In fact the weird stuff has already happened to them/us and only by going back and facing that moment can we deprogramme people out of being captured by a founding Myth of the National Security/Global Paranoia Cult aka War on Terror.

This links to another whole line of argument about ‘paradigm shifts’ and what helps de-capture/capture the public imagination. As Thomas Kuhn showed in the Structure of Scientific Revolutions it sometimes takes a period of ‘weird stuff’ for new models to catch on (paradigm switch). I would say that the new paradigm (Directed Energy Weapons) has more potential than Controlled Demolition to capture the imagination of ‘the public’ and engender enthusiasm for action, than any amount of snapping at the heels of the old model without being able to really say what did happen in a way that takes account of the scale of the weirdness that day.

In fact not to address that weirdness is in a way to model to people that ‘Yes it is too scary to look at the full extent of the weirdness of what we all saw’.

Personally, although the arguments about DEW should be assessed on their own merits, I am persuaded also that Video-fakery provides a simpler (Ockham’s razor) explanation of what we think we saw at the WTC in terms of ‘plane crashes’ than the many contradictions which we fall into if we start believing one set of statements from the Military-Industrial-Media-Intel complex and disbelieving another set,

e.g. if we credit USA Today’s squiggly pictures of the hijacked planes flight paths; or if we as so keen to prove Cheney is a villain that we forget to beware that the man who dubbed Cheney in about being in the control room bunker at a certain time and snapping to the young man about ‘the orders still stand’ as the ‘planes’ [ = DOTS remember!] drew ever nearer to Washington – was none other than Transport Secretary, Norman Mineta, the then-recent Vice-President of the biggest arms manufacturer in the world (by volume), Lockheed Martin, who is now a partner in Hill and Knowlton, the ‘public relations’ firm responsible for the Psyop about Iraqi troops invading Kuwait hospital and hauling babies out of incubators ….

We are aiming as a truth movement not just to get any old inquiry, one which hides the role of major players such as the constantly aggrandising secret research teams of the Military-industrial complex, or the dumbing-down Corporate Media with their links to the ‘intelligence’ fraternities and huge cross-links to the Military-Industrial complex.

Yes we want an Inquiry, but you will agree that we don’t want another limited hang-out. We want for the dead of 911 not to have died in vain because we empower each other to use the tragedy as a vehicle for an awakening into the whole set of social forces and unaccountable fraternities which made such a tragedy possible or directly brought it about.

For that we need people to get used to being ‘stretched’ without resort to mental cut-offs, instant put downs. We need for people to get ‘the taste of freedom’, the taste for looking at things with open minds, not knowing the answers, with eyes unclouded by hatred, able to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty at times; but also when appropriate able to conclude coherently on the basis of evidence and reason dispassionately assessed (not needing the next fact or theory to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, to our liking or not to our liking; not prejudging – in short – not prejudiced).

So long as this ‘weird stuff’ seems to us to be true, I vote we explain it and help people accustom to the process of growing to fit their minds to the truth, not support them in shrinking reality to fit, latching onto just part of the truth (but in so doing subtly telling them that they/we aren’t mature/brave enough to handle the full truth they subconsciously know is being evaded by everyone in the mainstream).


Authors Website: www.keith-mothersson.co.uk

Authors Bio: Attempting in a UK context to connect the world of 911 truth activism/false-flag terrorism and the Voting integrity community, where I am seeking to alert the Electoral Reform Society to the dangers of the UK ‘modernising’ its voting mechanism, and awaken the peace movement to the ‘Frats’, Bortherhoods and ‘Men’s huts’ which threaten our one Earth Motherland.

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