Billy Cox in US paper

From: David Griffin

Date: 2008-03-14 05:57:11

This article by exo-sympathetic journo Billy Cox just got published on UN issue. Not totally up on US papers but I presume this is an online and also ‘proper’ issued publication.On a purely personal take on recent feedback to the possible [we say possible but it’s highly likely that smaller, informal sub-groups meet on this area fairly regularly] UN Meeting – I find Jacques Vallee’s input on this and the whole field generally has become a little jaded and sometimes a bit too post-modern and lacking direction. He’s a leading, respected commentator and it’s not considered the done thing to say this sort of thing but I know a few others agree that he had a more constructive perspective a decade ago and beyond. DG, UK== wanna be sedated Billy Cox This week’s Associated Press expose on the pharmaceutical pollution leaching into the nation’s water supplies is just the latest glimpse into what we’re ingesting whenever we turn on the spigot. Studies identifying H2O spiked with mood levelers, anti-cholesterol agents and hormone boosters have been ongoing for years. In fact, right here in Southwest Florida, Mote Marine Lab and the University of Florida are assessing how prescription drugs like anti-depressants are affecting the biology of bull sharks prowling local salt- and freshwater systems.But that ain’t all bad. Seriously. Because dig this:For the last couple of weeks, the blogosphere has been a-twitter over alleged secret meetings at the United Nations in February, designed to produce a global reappraisal of and concensus on UFOs. Members of the U.S. Air Force, the National Guard, the Vatican, representatives from 27 other countries, and three (3) United States senators are said to have participated.Indisputable confirmation was acquired by Dr. Michael Salla, whose Web site peddles, among other things, “Galactic Diplomacy Seminars” that train Earthlings to become “multi-dimensional ambassadors” for humanity. Its basic tenets of peace, love and harmony aren’t all that different from any other organized religion, but here’s the twist.”There are dozens of extraterrestrial races,” Salla writes, “with a variety of motivations that are interacting with global humanity . . . (from) uplifting humanity towards a fuller expression of its collective potential, to manipulative activities designed to undermine human sovereignty.”Unfortunately, this apparent dichotomy of cosmic good-doers and evil-doers is mirroring civilization on Earth. As the Hawaii resident reported in his March 1 newsflash: “The UN meeting … suggested a continuation of policies aimed at exploiting divisions in the UFO community between researchers advocating a strictly scientific study of the UFO phenomenon and those wishing to discuss testimonies/documentation concerning extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.”Good lord …Salla’s only named source in the article was a man named Gilles Lorant, who identified himself as a member of the French Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense (IHEDN).For nearly a week, conspiracy allegations, rebuttals, and charges of deranged buffoonishness clashed and splattered against the walls of cyberspace until somebody actually decided to contact the UN. Which denied the meeting took place. No surprise there. Denying things is what institutions do. That’s their job.But then, uh oh, the IHEDN denied Lorant had ever been with its program. Consequently, a French UFO group called (god, how I wish I were making this up) Federation European Airplane pressed its suddenly-most-controversial member — Gilles Lorant — for an accounting. Then Lorant denied he’d ever belonged to IHEDN. Federation European Airplane then denied Lorant his membership.Renowned UFO investigator Jacques Valle dismissed the whole episode as a fraud. Others, like editor Robert Morningstar, asked Lorant’s critics to “Please note that they are attacking his credentials not the information.”In the past, this would’ve been the point where my head exploded and dripped off the ceiling. Or maybe, were I having a relatively good day, I might’ve appealed to Pat Sajak: “I’d like to buy a vowel — Eeeeeee!”Instead, this stuff doesn’t bother me anymore. I feel placid. Tranquil. Unfazed. Content. I’m not even upset about the price of gasoline, or pouring $275 million a day down the black sucking hole of Iraq.Another glass of tapwater and I’m good for another four hours. Last modified: March 13, 2008 1:02pm

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