ECETI’s James Gilliland Disinvited from Coast to Coast for refusing

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-04-19 12:38:17

ECETI’s James Gilliland Disinvited from Coast to Coast for refusing to validate “War in Space” Meme NOTE: Here is a comment from James Gilliland, regarding Ed Grimsley’s observations at the Trout Lake Ranch, WA. I have observed such craft at the Trout Lake Ranch, and support James Gilliland’s interpretations of what occurs amongst craft there. Thank you, Alfred WebreEXOPOLITICS ———- Forwarded message ———-From: James Gilliland Date: Apr 12, 2008 7:56 PMSubject: Feel free to commentTo: “EXOPOLITICS.COM Ed Grimsley on Coast to Coast   Sunday Ed Grimsley will be on Coast to Coast talking about war in space. Problem is he was here at the ranch with several pairs of night vision and I have one of them. We did not see what he was talking about. There were no explosions, laser fire between ships or capsules coming down from ships that were blown apart followed by F16s or 15s shooting the capsules. We do see the ships power up on a regular basis as a signal to the people on the ground yet none of the things he saw were witnessed by anyone else. We did see the ships, the night vision works well but the projection of the observer is what is in question. We did see a light between ships which was witnessed by one person at the ranch but we cannot assume what it was. Could have been communication, transfer of people or cargo with advanced technology, could be anything and both ships seemed to go merrily on their way without any evasive maneuvers. I told him he needs to not project his reality into space or jump to conclusions especially when we witnessed the very same craft with the very same night vision goggles and did not see any fire between ships, explosions, evasive maneuvers or capsules only the usual power-ups where the ships get brighter as they fly overhead. This plays into the weaponization of space and threat program whereas we need more exotic weapons etc. to fend off this illusion. Feel free to comment, call in or challenge this event. I was asked to go on Coast to Coast as well but when I said I cannot validate his claims or experience due to the fact that in our case it did not happen as he perceived it this lead to being instantly uninvited. Seems fear, suspense, keeping the threat going is more important than truth. Be well James Gilliland
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