Yes, Human Activity is likely harming the environment…

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-04-22 23:01:40

BUT….   Environmentalist PR Firms In Green Propaganda Offensive
The corporate CEO’s and investors profiting from global warming fear Steve WatsonInfowars.netMonday, April 21, 2008   PR firms headed up by corporate investors, CEO’s and Directors of huge multinational companies are aggressively pushing global warming propaganda as they have come to realize that the green agenda is forging the next big commodities market. Nowhere is this more evident than on where pages and pages of articles devoid of any actual scientific reality have been collated into one giant green offshoot website. Any visitor to will today notice that the tech giant has “gone green” in recognition of Earth Day, a long running observance intended to inspire environmental awareness. However, a closer look at the information provided on the website along with the people pushing it signals that the move represents nothing more than a huge profit making PR exercise. Upon attempting to access my Yahoo email I was intrigued by the green Yahoo logo. Little did I know that when clicking on it I would be instantly bombarded with reactionary propaganda in it’s crudest form. (Article continues below)Take Yahoo’s “Global Warming Myths and Facts” page for example. The agenda here is simple, they tell you what the FACTS are about global warming and remind you that any scurrilous rumours you may have heard to the contrary are MYTHS. The problem is, there is no actual evidence, just statements: Fact: There is no debate among scientists about the basic facts of global warming. That’s strange, because last time I checked there was a raging debate with vast amounts of scientists questioning the UN backed IPCC “consensus” of just a handful of scientists and a boatload of politicians. Fact: Any beneficial effects [of increased CO2 levels] will be far outweighed by damage and disruption. And this is according to who? Some scientists , including the man dubbed “the father of the greenhouse effect” have postulated that the temperature increases predicted by climate models will benefit the planet, without causing any significant damage. What makes their projections MYTHS? Fact: The global warming we are experiencing is not natural. People are causing it. It is widely understood that CO2 constitutes a mere 0.038 percent of the atmosphere. Human CO2 production accounts for a mere 3 percent of the total CO2. The remaining 97 percent is produced naturally. Volcanic eruptions, CO2 releases from the oceans and even flatulence from cows cause more CO2 emissions than humans. Furthermore, data from all four major global temperature tracking outlets shows that the Earth is no longer getting warmer and that we are now actually in a post-warming period of global cooling. Fact: Putting the word “fact” in front of a sentence does not make it an actual fact. The Yahoo green onslaught is jam packed with paragraphs of such unsubstantiated claims. Highlights include: “The only debate in the science community about global warming is about how much and how fast warming will continue.” “a mandatory cap on emissions could spur technological innovation that could create jobs and wealth. ” “The best way to lower temperature and thus reduce water vapor levels is to reduce CO2 emissions.”  The only information that even mentions alternative scientific explanations for global warming trends serves to shoot them all down as dissent by focusing on lesser known fringe theories. The article linked here was written by, a website that makes a living from peddling all manner of green accessories. Very scientific and absolutely no bias there then. Why don’t these self appointed experts try refuting the now widely accepted evidence that there has been no warming since 1998? Why don’t they write about the fact that carbon emissions have never driven climate change because as ice core samples clearly show, carbon dioxide is a consequence of temperature increase and not a cause of it, sometimes lagging behind by as much as 800 years? Why don’t they address the fact that during the most recent period of warming on Earth, there has been warming throughout the solar system due to increased sun activity? Instead of raging about temperature rises in the Arctic, why don’t they provide an opposing viewpoint to counter the scientific evidence that proves Antarctica has actually cooled since 1979? Of course, they wouldn’t dare draw attention to the more prominent dissenting views on the so called global warming “consensus”. Another featured article, Can Mutant Plants End Climate Change? suggests that some scientists believe genetically altering plants to take in more CO2 is a possible solution to the certain death we all face. Perhaps the vast swathes of cash that Monsanto, Aventis and the other biotechnology companies have pumped into “friendly” scientific studies is paying off for them. The enviro takeover of Yahoo also calls for handy hints on how to shoot down “climate denialists,” and “poor fools whose heads are in the sand”. A cursory check into the sponsors of and contributors to a large chunk of the Yahoo pages, the Environmental Defense Fund, reveals that its board of trustees is infested with corporate investors, CEO’s and big business representatives. Chairman N J Nicholas Jr, is a renowned investor, director of Boston Scientific Corporation and Xerox Corporation, as well as having held many positions with Time Warner. Vice Chair Robert W. Wilson, another Wall Street investor, made his fortune in hedge funds. Kirsten J. Feldman is an Advisory Director for Morgan Stanley. Robert E. Grady is a Managing Director of The Carlyle Group. John H. T. Wilson is an Advisory Director for Morgan Stanley Roger Enrico is a former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc. E. John Rosenwald, Jr. was the Vice Chairman of Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (oh dear). Another Contributor to the Yahoo green binge is the Natural Resources Defense Council, and it’s a similar story with their board of trustees. We have previously reported on warnings about the big money behind global warming propaganda. For example, last month Howard C. Hayden, emeritus professor of physics from the University of Connecticut, was prompted to speak out after a visit to New York where he learned that scaremongering billboards about the long-term effects of global warming were being purchased at a cost of $700,000 a month. We have also carried reports that detail how many of the world’s richest and most powerful banks are pushing hard for the introduction of a ‘no caps’ world trading market for carbon. So called “Carbon traders” have predicted that emissions permits could become the world’s largest commodities market. Morgan Stanley announced last October that it “plans to invest in approximately $3 billion of carbon/emission credits, projects and other initiatives related to greenhouse gas emissions over the next five years.” Another big winner may be Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs, part owner of the European Climate Exchange and the Chicago Climate Exchange – the exclusive marketplaces for trading carbon credits. Big businesses are now buying up smaller firms which saw the coming boom in the green movement years ago. As the London Guardian’s Nick Davies has pointed out, there is a very inconvenient truth about the carbon offset industry, greenhouse gas credits do little or nothing to combat any actual global warming. We are witnessing the emergence of carbon cartels and the rise of a phantom industry. Warming disciples routinely accuse skeptics of kowtowing to energy giants and mega global corporations, yet the very delusion they labour under, that humans are destroying the earth, is being pushed by those they believe they are fighting against. The globalists love global warming. This aggressive profit making propaganda offensive is a perfect example of how the environmental movement has been completely hijacked by big business and corporate investors who know when a good cash cow is ripe for milking. Fearmongering about an imminent climate doomsday hogs news coverage and important environmental issues like GM food, mad scientist chimera cloning, deforestation, toxic waste dumping, and the usurpation and abuse of corporations like Monsanto are flying under the radar. Just as globalist politicians, power brokers and big government have co-opted the environment movement to do what they do – secure greater draconian control measures on society and centralize power – big business has co-opted it to do what it does – make huge sums of money at the expense of the little man. ———————————————————————————————————————- Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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