Letter to Alex Jones from Attorney Jerry Leaphart

Letter to Alex Jones from Jerry Leaphart

Alex Jones
3001 South Lamar
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78704

Re: www.prisonplanet.com…

Dear Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Prison Planet:

This letter has as its frame of reference the above referenced Prison Planet article that appeared on April 22, 2008.

I am the attorney for Drs. Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds. Collectively, we are a group of people who are taking formal legal steps in furtherance of proving the "no plane" theory and the "directed energy weapons" (DEW) causal theory in connection with the events of 9/11/01, in federal court. Thus we are "no planers" and we are "exotic weapons" adherents in the formal sense of putting our proofs of claim forward in legally permissible ways; namely federal lawsuits.

However, even though we are DEW adherents and we are "no planers," we have neither time, nor interest, nor inclination to engage in threats of any kind, let alone street brawls; nor do we congregate in such places for such purposes.

Reports about the status of our legal challenges have been made public through appropriate press releases and the documents on file in the cases entitled Wood v ARA et al (1:07cv3314, SDNY) and Reynolds v SAIC et al (1:07cv4612, SDNY) are a matter of public record.

Our attempt to advance these issues is proceeding solely and exclusively in federal court and legally permissible communications and action; not on street corners and not even in media, other limited press releases and learned journals, websites, etc.

If, however, we who are taking formal legal action have generated an enthusiastic response from others, then we would like to go on record to encourage such people, in no uncertain terms, to immediately cease and desist from comporting themselves in any threatening way towards anyone who disagrees with them, such as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, perhaps, and persons who may have come in contact with either of you, directly or indirectly, or anyone else, whatsoever, now, henceforth and at all relevant times in future, without exception.

That is our clear and unequivocal message and always has been.

We even go further and also encourage any of those who might be enthusiastic supporters of DEW and NO PLANE theory, even if they are unknown to us, to consider the practice of avoidance of confrontation so that the need to engage in self-defense is less likely to arise.

We do not say that such people should feel intimidated or feel like their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly should be placed in doubt or that they should be muzzled or feel like they cannot let their position be known. They can and should enjoy and utilize the full extent of their rights, same as anyone else in a democratic society (I am here making certain assumptions that may not be factually accurate any longer, but that is another topic, not covered here. Let us merely assume the existence of constitutional rights).

Put simply, we strongly suggest that whatever anyone does, on any side in this matter, do it peaceably and non-threateningly.

If there is anything unclear about this mandate and publicly stated request for adherence to the norms of peaceable assembly and comportment, please let me know.

Our group relies solely on legal means of proving DEW and NO PLANE claims, as should be obvious, but we want to make that stance as clear as we possibly can.

Please know, as well, that raising the issue of public threats and airing videos showing violence attributed to "no planers" conceivably sets up a basis for authorities to claim a right to engage in surveillance of all of us, possibly lumping us under the ever broadening definition of "terrorists."

We hasten to acknowledge that we are not saying you accused Drs. Wood and/or Reynolds of such behavior, however we do say that they are known as "no planers" by some and we also know how guilt by association and categorization works, and we know that you know that too.

I am here assuming that you do not want any of us to come under surveillance by virtue of being thought to pose a threat of violence. You might not share the same degree of wariness about surveillance as we do, but we assume it takes very little in the way of publicly disseminated information to give rise to justification for surveillance. Posting videos proclaiming that "no planers" have instigated or participated in fighting could be used as a justification for scrutiny, in our view.

In order to make perfectly clear what our intent is and who we are, this letter is being sent to the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, who has been kept apprised of the developments in the above-mentioned legal cases.

We do not here claim that any form of entrapment or of pretext seeking to label us as people who engage in violent protest is being engaged in by either of you or by Prison Planet; but, if any evidence whatsoever of such tactics comes to our attention, we will not hesitate to inform the authorities of any such information without further notice.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation in regard to the above.

Jerry Leaphart
Attorney for Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds
8 West Street
Suite 203
Danbury, CT

signed by:

Dr. Judy Wood
Dr. Morgan Reynolds
John Lear

cc US Attorney

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