New Audio Interview Sessions of James – WINGMAKERS

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-04-26 13:31:34

For anyone that hasn’t looked into the Wingmakers/Lyricus material, this may seem a little outlandish, However, I found it most intriguing when I first came across it, so here it is for you to have a look at:…   Some people say it’s an elaborate marketing ploy to sell DVD’s etc – but I am not so sure about this….     NEW AUDIO INTERVIEW SESSIONS OF JAMES On April 5, 2008, James was interviewed at the home of Mark Hempel, his web manager for the WingMakers, Lyricus and EventTemples websites. The interviews are broken into three sessions, two of which have been released. In total, they comprise nearly three hours of continuous conversation between James and Mark on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Minneapolis. James wanted to transmit his view on a wide range of topics from WingMakers, the Lyricus Teaching Organization, The Grand Portal, Event Temples, human destiny, individual purpose, 2012, heart/mind integration, and a variety of other topics and insights. Going well beyond platitudes and the clichés of the consciousness community, James presents new textures and subtlety to the materials he’s offered in his three websites. With a deep baritone voice and a hint of Spanish accent, James brings forward his personal mission with clarity, depth and intensity. This is the first time James has allowed an interview of any kind, and certainly it’s the first time he’s allowed his voice to be heard directly by the public. Note by Mark Hempel: The microphones I used did not capture James’ voice consistently well so you’ll hear some breaking up of his voice from time-to-time. I’m not sure if this was the microphone, James’ voice, the hard disk glitching that I used to record our sessions, or all of the above. Because his layover was only 4 hours long, there wasn’t any time to experiment with microphones or even review audio until after we were done. Nonetheless, I think everything is audible and is in otherwise excellent quality. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE LOCALLY)Interview with James – Session 1 (48:48 long, 22.3 MB, MP3 encoded)Interview with James – Session 2 (54:23 long, 24.9 MB, MP3 encoded)   Source link:…       — Frank Da Silva :: DMT-Labs:

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