Climate Change Data Challenge – Booklet

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This 35-page booklet which presents data to challenge the assumed cause(s) of Climate Change using photographic evidence. In this booklet you will see/read about:


· Evidence of Planetary Climate Changes throughout the Solar System

· Notes about effects seen on many planets at a latitude of about 19°

· Evidence of large and medium Scale Weather Modification


Re-Investigating Climate Change

Information related to "Climate Change" 
which is usually ignored

You are encouraged to print out or request copies ( ad.johnson@ntlworld…. ) of this booklet to show to all those people who think that “Carbon Footprinting” will mitigate or solve problems related to Climate Change. “Carbon Footprinting” seems to be another meaningless mantra which is pushed out into the public psyche using a mixture of spin, emotional arguments and is based on incomplete or even false information. Further data points and links here.

Article about Chemtrails here.




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