UPDATE #2: Chemtrail Plane Photographed On The Ground

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-05-13 13:35:19

Attachments : It’s a refuelling POD.   More photos:   www.targeta.co.uk/pa…   Brian Holmes sent me these additional comments and photos.    Also see:www.flight-refuellin… are the UK folks who make the things.  Go ask them?  The Rense images may be their competition.Bretagne (Brtittany) is simply a region of France and does not have an “air force”.  See Wikipedia for more.    Hi Rense – BTW your submissions link is down:Your new item title: “Chemtrail Plane Photographed On The Ground” – www.rense.com/genera… me somewhat of the fuss surrounding the recent “chemtrail aircraft interior”.Perhaps Mr. Twietmeyer may wish to revisit his conclusions after looking at these sample images:  

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