Defeat U.S. Senate Bill 2192 This bill will be Debated & Voted upo

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-05-29 22:40:48

DEFEAT U.S. Senate Bill S2191 – A Climate Security Act Sham by Rosalind Peterson U.S. Senate Vote –  Monday – June 2, 2008 U.S. Senate Bill S2191 is scheduled to come up for a debate and Senate vote on Monday, June 2, 2008.  This bill is designed to sell out the health and welfare of the people of the United States in order to establish a national and international Cap & Trade Money Market Scheme, and under Section 6E, “…initiate programs to “mitigate” the impacts of any unavoidable global climate change…”  This bill has nothing to do with “Climate Security”.  It is another bill designed to fleece the American people out of $Billions of their tax dollars to support a questionable “market scheme of carbon trading” or “emission allowances”. Last year, in a two part series, a discussion of these Cap & Trade Schemes were discussed in some depth.  This year a so-called environmental group, the Environmental Defense Fund, is promoting the passage of this bill which would move the United States EPA into becoming, a market based “Climate Change Credit Corporation”, instead of an agency that works to reduce air pollution at it source in order to protect human health and our air, water, soil, and trees from the detrimental affects of ever-increasing air pollution. The majority of this bill discusses and sets up the parameters for this money market scheme while gutting the Clean Air Act’s soil and water protections to allow commercial-scale injections of toxic chemicals underground (geosequestration).  We can’t protect our water supplies from being contaminated by toxic waste sites or waste disposal sites in general, at this time.  And we don’t know if these toxic sequestration schemes will work.  There is evidence that a few sequestration schemes have failed.  Geosequestration is designed to help the coal companies pollute more and would clearly benefit the coal industry and their drive expand this highly polluting industry.  And clearly there are few places where geoseqauestration could be used safely at this time. Last September 2007, the United Nations held the 60 Annual Conference on Climate Change.  And the drumbeat for climate change “mitigation” was almost a motto of the conference.  However, the word “mitigation” was never defined and this bills fails define the word “mitigate” or what types of programs would be used to initiate climate change “mitigation”. Thus, open-ended funding will be provided for massive experimentation at the expense of public health, crop production, and the protection of our environment from the assaults of unregulated pollutants.             According to the Congressional Research Service Summary the Act: 1)            “…Requires the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to…Provide(s) for the selling, exchanging, transferring, submitting, retiring, or borrowing emissions allowances…” and 2)            “Provides for the distribution of emission allowances…”  3)            This bill “…Establishes in the Treasury and provides for allocations…” and 4)            Establishes the Climate Change Credit Corporation to auction emission allowances…” 5)            “Amends the Safe Water Drinking Act to require the Administrator to permit commercial-scale underground injection of carbon dioxide for purposes of geological sequestration…” Information on Carbon Trading:  “Cap & Trade Money Market Schemes” 1,         Communities for a Better Environment Fall 2006 Newsletter:  Richard Drury’s article: “Pollution Trading:  We Don’t Buy it” Excellent Article on the “Pollution Shell Game”. 2,         Los Angeles Times April 1, 2007 “Carbon Trading Won’t Work”… 3,… Cap & Trade Article Part I 4,…  Cap & Trade Article Part II 5,… According to Source Watch this group has “…evolved into George Bush’s favorite environmental group…” 6,… U.S. Senate Bill 2191             America’s Climate Security Act of 2007  (Text, Summary, Status) 7,… U.S. Senate Bill             2191 Text Information on Experimental Weather Modification Bills: 8,… Contact your elected officials and stop these two bills from passage in 2008.  “EXPERIMENTAL WEATHER MODIFICATION COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOON AGRICULTURE ALTER – PROTECT AGRICULTURE & YOUR WATER SUPPLIES” – U.S. Senate Bill 1807 & U.S. House Bill 3445 brought to you with compliments of Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  The toll free number to contact your elected U.S. Senators in Washington, DC    (1866) 220-0044

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