Re: More Weird Chemtrail Shadows

From: Rita Westley

Date: 2008-06-09 12:07:22

#ygrps-yiv-146020633 v0003a* { } #ygrps-yiv-146020633 v0003a* { } I have also seen where the white part and the dark shawdow run side by side and then they split off from each other and go a different way. There was really strange. Now how could that happen????   ——-Original Message——-   From: Date: 6/9/2008 12:36:33 AM To: Cognoscence@yahoogro… Subject: Re: [Cognoscence] More Weird Chemtrail Shadows   Then it’s not an optical “shadow” but a physical effect of dissolution of clouds, somehow effected by chemtrails through changing the quality of the sun’s radiation … I don’t know how, but obviously it’s a way Ct’s are making weather.At 00:54 09.06.2008, you wrote: >Those are just like the ones I saw last year at this same >time. Really weird huh.>>——-Original Message—– –>>From: Andrew Johnson>Date: 06/08/08 23:37:19>To: ad.johnson@ntlworld .com>Subject: [Cognoscence] More Weird Chemtrail Shadows>>>Sent to me by Dave Ellis in the UK:>>http://www.checkthe evidence. index.php? option=com_ content&task= view&id=184& Itemid=50>>>How can the chemtrail create a shadow when there is no chemtrail “in >front” of the path of the shadow?>>>>2008-06-05 08-18-43 Dave Ellis – Black Line (1).jpg>>>>>>2008-06-05 08-18-22 Dave Ellis – Black Line (2).jpg>>———->Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind >the facade? Then…>http://www.checkthe evidence. com/>>What happened on 9/11?>  

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