UK: Anti-Bush Protesters Hospitalised

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-06-18 23:43:06

From: Stop the War Coalition Subject: Anti-Bush protesters hospitalised To:… Date: Tuesday, 17 June, 2008, 8:18 PM    STOP THE WAR COALITION          NEWSLETTER No. 1051    17 June 2008    Email…    T: 020 7278 6694    Web:   IN THIS NEWSLETTER:    1) ANTI-BUSH PROTESTERS HOSPITALISED    2) MORE BRITISH TROOPS FOR AFGHANISTAN    3) THIS IS WHAT LIBERATION LOOKS LIKE 4) NO STAR WARS BASES IN EUROPE    5) CAMPAIGN AGAINST 42 DAYS WITHOUT TRIAL    6) YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP: NO 5847    7) JOIN STOP THE WAR OR MAKE A DONATION   ********************************    1) ANTI-BUSH PROTESTERS HOSPITALISED   Many thanks to everyone who joined the George Bush Not        Welcome Here demonstration last Sunday. Called at short    notice and with Bush’s movements kept secret till the last    moment, we still mobilised over 3000 protestors.    Disgracefully, and for the first time, a Stop the War     demonstration was denied the right to march peacefully up    Whitehall and past Downing Street, where George Bush was    having dinner with Gordon Brown and — among the other   guests — Rupert Murdoch.   Enforcing the ban on our march, the police attacked    protestors with metal batons. At least three protestors    received head wounds and many others were battered and     bruised by blows to their arms, shoulders and backs. One    protester, who was hospitalised with a gashed head,    described what happened, “First I was yelled at to move back    from the barrier, but I couldn’t move because there were so    many behind me. Seconds later, I was hit by a number of    policemen and policewomen. It was a very frightening    experience.”   Another said, “I was here for a peaceful protest — this was    our chance to show George Bush how despicable his war crimes    are. The police were blood hungry — it was absolutely             unprovoked.”   To make matters worse police arrested 25 protestors and held    many of them overnight, charging just three with minor     offences. A few others were bailed pending possible charges.   This aggression marked a new departure in policing of the    anti-war movement. The Stop the War Coalition has formally    complained to the home secretary Jacqui Smith and requested    a meeting (full text of the letter: ).   FOR MEDIA REPORTS, PICTURES, VIDEO   Until we have some resolution of our complaints, Stop the    War has suspended relations with the Metropolitan police. If    you witnessed the police attacks, please send reports or    photos to the Stop the War national office, email….    

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