Manufacturing The Apocalypse

 Andrew Johnson  (ad.johnson@ntlworld….)

June 2008

For at least two millennia a number of religions have, in various ways, and to somewhat varying degrees, been predicting that there will a great cataclysm or great cataclysms which will befall mankind, planet Earth or both. This idea seems now to be being framed in more secular ways, through the mantras of “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, resource depletion and the threat of “Nuclear International Terrorism” or a renewed threat of global nuclear warfare, bio-terrorism or widespread disease such as “avian flu” (which has seemingly existed for hundreds of years, but has never been a significant threat to humans). In some quarters, even the threat of an alien intervention or alien contact (which the evidence suggests has been ongoing for some time) is being mooted as yet another reason for global upheaval or catastrophe.

In order to find the truth of something, or if we wish to try and predict the future (which I don’t intend to do in this article), we should spend as much time as we can gathering information and examining pertinent evidence, before deciding on some conclusions. I have been attempting to collect information and evidence for over 5 years, ever since I “opened the door” to the seemingly limitless information resources available to all those with an “always-on” internet connection. I have tried to venture into many areas and have posted some of my thoughts and conclusions at www.checktheevidence… – along with the thoughts of a few other people.

Recently, I have begun to see that a number of fields of research are now “crossing over”. I would contend that there is mounting evidence that a large-scale, secret, global operation has been underway for some time which, in summary gives the “control group” the ability to “manufacture the apocalypse”. I would cogently argue that the supposed threats our species faces, listed above, are either manufactured by this control group, or are exacerbated by them from their “naturally occurring form”.  I say this partly because I conclude that the research of Dr. Judy Wood into the destruction of the WTC Complex proves that advanced, undisclosed weaponry exists. some of the effects of this weaponry are similar to those seen in experiments performed by John Hutchison, but the full capabilities of this technology are, to a lay person like me, unknown. However, I now have to ask myself some difficult questions, related to the limits of this technology.…

Dr. Wood’s latest study, regarding Hurricane Erin and 9/11 has uncovered some important data – which seems to add even more weight to the conclusion that some type of directed energy technology with an accompanying “field effect” was used to destroy the WTC complex. What else is this technology capable of?

More than one or two people have posited that May 2008 earthquake in Sichuan, China  was somehow engineered. Does technology exist that could induce earthquakes? Some people wouldn’t even bother to ask this question. However, let’s consider what Defence Secretary Cohen said in 1997:…

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

This speech was made before the Al Qaida myth had been fully cemented into the wider public’s consciousness – before the illusion of large-scale international terrorism had been created. What terrorists was Cohen referring to? The Russians? Why didn’t he name this apparently very powerful group? My own personal view is that he was referring to the terrorists who are already running the world. The terrorists who have access to advanced technologies and who have the ability and resources to keep knowledge of these technologies mostly hidden. These are very probably the same terrorists who turned most of the WTC towers to dust on 9/11/01.

It seems that we can occasionally get disclosure of various information about these secret technologies, for example in the statements of people like Col Tom Bearden (see…).

We can examine the data provided by Stan Deyo which appears to show an "earthquake grid" in Nevada… . According to Deyo he was, many years ago, invited to work on a secret anti-gravity project for the US Government.

Deyo highlights an unusual pattern of earthquakes that was seen in Reno:


Some time ago, I was taken aback to learn that the earthquakes in Bam (Iran) and the Sumatra quake happened a year to the hour apart. It was on 26 December 2003, at 01:57 hrs UT, when an earthquake struck the city of Bam (…), On 26 December 2004, 00:58 UT, the Sumatra Earthquake struck (…). Clearly, these facts on their own prove nothing – but if it were easy to prove what is being suggested here, then the powerful forces who are controlling things would not be able to hide their activities.

In the case of the Sumatra quake and resulting Tsunami, there are also a number of questions as to why warnings were not promulgated widely enough.

As regards the China Quake, we have video and photos of unusual cloud patterns which were filmed immediately prior to the quake, as pointed out by Benjamin Fulford ( see…

We also have a satellite photo showing what I consider to be a very unusual cloud pattern spreading across the region near the time of the quake: rapidfire.sci.gsfc.n…

Some people have suggested that the US’s HAARP facility could be involved in the inducement either of certain weather patterns or even earthquakes. I am unsure, as I don’t currently know if it is possible to obtain HAARP activity data that could be correlated with the time of the Sichuan earthquake (or any other event). It would seem rather too obvious, however, that HAARP was involved in creating such large scale events. So, it is either not involved (too many people likely know about it) or the data regarding its daily operation will be classified or not available for public inspection.

In considering if it is possible to use directed energy technology in weather modification (which would involve manipulating quite large amounts of energy), as mentioned above, attention should be drawn to Dr Judy Wood’s latest study – of Hurricane Erin on 9/11. Erin was closest to NYC on 9/11 but was barely reported – even by the Space Station crew who reported seeing the "smoke" from the WTC towers. I feel that Hurricane Erin may have been used in some way in manipulating the energy involved. Additionally, I suggest that whoever perpetrated 9/11 needed clear blue skies to see what was going on, on that day. Manipulation of Erin could have provided them. Examine the study yourself here:… (please pay special attention to the magnetometer data from 9/11)

For additional evidence of weather modification, see this presentation I compiled sometime ago:…


Once you have reviewed the evidence, you may agree that advanced weather modification technology is real. Some people, such as Col Tom Bearden and Scott Stevens, believe that this technology is being used in a secret “weather war” between  Russia and the USA. Even though it is true that operations like “Operation Popeye” were used to induce heavy rainfall in the Vietnam War, I do not believe that the current evidence supports the “USA vs. Russia” Weather War conclusion. I say this because severe weather events and earthquakes seem to have been triggered more frequently in recent years in the USA, the UK, Europe, China and Japan. This pattern therefore suggests that a trans-national secret group is at work. This general conclusion is also supported by the existence of the global chemtrailing programme. Chemtrails have now been documented in many countries around the world (see www.checktheevidence… for some examples).

One further feeling I have is that this trans-national group knows human psychology very well and they know how to get people to acquiesce by adequately disguising their advanced capabilities – this again is proven by the fact that it has taken 5 or arguably 7 years for someone to begin to “get a handle” on what their technology can do even when it has been used in plain site. The other main ways in which this advanced technology is hidden is using fear – which inhibits people’s intellectual capacity. Additionally, in many quarters, a “culture of ignorance” has been created. For example, in western popular culture, it is sometimes frowned upon when someone demonstrates a detailed technical understanding of a subject – in such instances, terms such as “nerd” and “geek” are not always used in a complimentary way.

I would also contend that a further way to induce acquiescence among the general population, far-fetched though it may sound, it to “write in” to ancient scripture, the idea of an apocalypse and then continually suggest that a cataclysm or several cataclysms will come about – for example, because it is “God’s way of punishing man for his sins”. From a more New Age perspective, this can be attributed to Gaia or “Mother Earth” – acting to self-correct the “imbalance” caused by human greed and folly. In saying this, I do not discount that consciousness could be an attribute which the earth itself possesses in some form – and that some people are able to interact with this consciousness in certain ways.

The preponderance of the evidence, once it is gathered, shows that free energy technology (e.g.… ) is real and, rather than being used to give us clean air and a clean way of fuelling our activities, it has been stolen, weaponised and used to both to destroy the environment and kill large numbers of people. Such environmental modification technology could perhaps be considered, therefore, to be a “silent weapon of a quiet war”.

On the flip side of this issue, free energy technology has been perniciously suppressed and we have therefore, I conclude, been conned into destroying our own environment far more than we would otherwise had we been allowed to know the reality of this technology sooner. I very much wonder if this overall situation has been brought about by the persuasion and influence of a controlling group, the nature of which may not be all that dissimilar to what Marshal Vian Summers describes (though I don’t think of these things in terms of “God” – so my vocabulary is different to his in this respect).

At the present time, I think only a few would people would agree with the thrust of what I am saying. Perhaps some  would agree, however, as Dr. Leonard Horowitz has suggested, that we are on the " receiving end" of the tactics of bio-spiritual warfare. I think that one of the main aims of this is to compress human consciousness into a tighter and tighter enclosure and discourage us from being open to a wider, or even universal perspective about who we really are, where we came from and where we are capable of going.

Other people, who have not seen the evidence like that linked above have no chance of realising that we may be  victims of an extremely sophisticated and far-reaching psychological operation – the manufacturing of an apocalypse.

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