Air Pharmacology by DOE official Jim Phelps


Date: 2008-06-20 11:09:12

From “Chem Trail Tracking USA” (a message from June 2007) Disclaimer – provided “as is”… This is an excellent article found on another blog. Note: forwarded message attached. [] Steve’s Note: This article addresses amongst other things: the ‘dead honey bees’ issue, (written several years ago, long before it became a public issue or concern.) Highly recommended read. — — — — CHEMTRAILS: Hiding Environmental Toxins and Suppressing Immune Systems by Jim Phelps Email: Website: (excerpt) This piece is about the origin of the Ozone Hole and the methods in use and being designed to attempt to fix what Man’s pollution has done to our weather and our environment. Jim Phelps is the national lab person that discovered serious issues in terminal event theory of global systems, invented Star Wars weapons, forced the DOE to begin clean up of pollution damaging workers and communities, discovered the air pharmacology techniques [aka chemtrails], and forced the closure of K-25 and other DOE plants. My projects in the DOE and DOD are more classified than the H-bomb. Jim Phelps is the inventor of the HAARP project, the discover that the Earth’s magnetic field is a MagnetoHydroDynamic (MDH) (electrical) generator, the discover of the critical factors of fluoide’s on health, the inventor for the titanium method to control fluoride G-proteins, the inventor of the PB method to block G-protein binding sites, the inventor for special formulation for J-8 jet fuels, the inventor of the Ba and Ti chemtrail methods, the inventor of the Star War’s Excalibur / Tungusga weapon, and many other critical national security projects. You will be getting a unique look behind some of the most classified, compartmented, and hidden projects in US history. His discoveries are sometimes called zero-point or scalar energy system. Chemtrails are designed to offset the global warming measurements, so the Govt. can claim global warming does not exist. It really does exist. Chemtrails are highly linked to Teller and Star Wars. Many persons find it difficult to imagine how something like Star Wars, the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, and the ozone hole are all connected. The ozone hole is even an artifact of pollution linked to strategic materials environmental cover up. The ozone layer is highly reduced by processes that pull hydrogen into this region. Hydrogen is supposed to be rare in the upper atmosphere at only 1 PPM. Elements like fluorine and chlorine tend to support HF and HCl in the ionosphere, which causes disruption of ozone formation by making frozen crystals of water and hydrogen peroxide, which do not attenuate UV. Because of the mass difference of the chlorine atom, the chlorine compounds tend to wash down faster than fluorine compounds. Freon tends to stay in the air and build due to its’ non-reactivity, except at higher levels where UV causes decomposition into HF, HCl, OF, OCl, etc. The HF and HCl that corrupted the ozone layer stems from both natural and man made events. Volcanoes help toss lots of the acids and particles into this region, and man via Freon mistakes added more. Man also adds some due to coal emissions and the formation of large storms, and even nuclear weapons added to the effects. The ionization in the ionosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field pulls the ions to the South Pole and the electrons to the North Pole. This is essentially a mini-Van Allen like effect from ions generated by the Sun’s UV. This causes a high level of fluorine and chlorine ions at the Southern pole [and thus HF and HCl]. In order to compensate for this effect the US has been doing some things to absorb the UV radiation. Man has added some other shields in the form of aerosols made of materials that absorb UV and others that reflect UV and IR. These type projects have taken on the term “chemtrails” in the public venues. Chemtrails come in several forms. The most exposed form is that of aluminum oxide using jet planes to release a near global reflective haze into the air. This exposure comes from Edward Teller’s 1997 LLNL paper disclosing the method of particle reflectance to make a global shield and a patent that discloses this being designed in 1990. See LLNL Report Number UCRL-JC-12875 Titled “Global Warming and Ice Ages” and dated Aug. 1997. The next related technique is the use of UV absorbing materials based on titanium dioxide released in the air to replace the ozone filtering. These materials tend to react with HF and HCl and pull it out of air solution due to mass increase effects. The UV sprays use the same techniques to leave a spray of barium and titanium materials in the air. Plain titanium dioxide is an extremely good UV blocker. This brings on the last shield system, on the very surface or Earth and on the most vulnerable UV target organ. The US has arranged for titanium dioxide to be used in things like soap and detergent, which leaves one covered with a film of this material. One can usually see the paint like scum in showers from the sticky titanium dioxide build up, along with calcium. This same film is all over most persons skin and helps shield the skin from UV. One only has to look at all the places titanium dioxide has been incorporated in the last ten years to notice this intentional trend. It was put there to modify the UV damage to skin The protective effect happened when other metals were put into solution in the body or air that compete for the fluoride-metal complex, so that it can reduce the damage factor. The big three metal dangers in Oak Ridge are aluminum, beryllium, and mercury; each forming G-protein like signals in the body. One of the best choices for this technique was titanium. Titanium in the stomach, gut, and blood stream offset the formation of more dangerous metal complexes in the body itself. The titanium effect is a spin off of a 5,000 year old Egyptian technique using gold for the same purposes. It is mentioned in the Bible as a method used to combat the effects of the Mt. Sinai volcano, where Moses and the Jews took refuge. Gold was used internally to wick the fluoride and mercury from persons and excrete it. Both colloidal gold and silver in use today by alternative medicine work via the same technique. Titanium was an inexpensive and abundant metal with similar properties against fluoride. When we found the G-protein fluoride-metal complex, we also found the way these special metals help human health. For those of you that don’t know, EDTA is a metal chelator that removes toxic metals from the body. It is a strong part of Chiropractic medicine. Once one knows about the dangerous fluoride-metal complex effects on G-protein one then has the proof this technique works. The truth is fluorides-metals complex do the health damage to persons the AMA then treats with pharmacy methods that control G-protein channels. The better way is to keep the body clean, so these other methods are not needed. This idea is what forced the DOE into clean up of polluted nuke sites and the closure of fluorine chemical plants like K-25. I invented the titanium technique, which essentially blocks the onset of fluorosis due to fluoride in the food and water chain. The technique prevents destructive fluoride-metal complexes from forming and keeps the dangerous G-protein binding sites from being blocked. These get blocked in the long term due to the fluorine atom’s high eletronegativity. This has the capacity to help countries like China, India, and the East African Rift zone avoid the crippling effects of fluorides and also to turn the tide against HIV infection rates. The titanium technique applied across the US helps to stabilize the rates of HIV transmission in the US. This information is being made public in an effort to address these countries health problems, while avoiding the greed of US pharmacology Cabala’s. Oddly enough all these research issues began because scientist John Anderson at the K-25 plant complained about Sr-90 getting into the plant drinking water. We went in looking for why thyroid problems were so high and the workers so sick, and we found many things. ORNL found K- 25 to be a very seriously mentally and physically damaged work force due to constant HF leaks into the air. The problem with volcanoes making poison gases like HF had an uncanny resemblance to the main problem with reactors, the fission gases like Krypton that decays to Strontium -90. So, the Sr-90 nickname stuck. The secret spin language that helped conceal the science is called krypto. Today, my titanium air pharmacology invention keeps the cattle of the US from getting things like “Mad Cow” syndrome from the fallout of fluorides onto grass. Titanium is distributed widely in the air of the US by spraying. It was Will Thomas that dubbed this practice “chemtrails.” Oak Ridge has problems with many 100 year storms happening over the span of a few years, and it was due to the weapons plants influence on the weather. In atmospheric nuclear testing, we induced both a potential well effect and the ionization of the air that shorted out the potential gradient and made for rain after many of the test shots The issues with UV-b triggering cancers is more one of fluorides in the environment affecting immune system tolerance and performance. The health problems connected to the ozone hole is more one with humans affected by fluoride. The Plague hit Europe from 164-180, 541-542, 1350-90, 1575 in Italy, and 1665 in London. These are all associated with volcanic explosions that altered the Earth’s climate. The worst appears to be the explosion of 535 AD of the Krakatoa volcano on Rakata Island in Indonesia. Its’ explosion was estimated to be the force of 2 billion Hiroshima bombs. It caused massive weather effects. This depressed the Earth’s temperatures by 10 degrees for 10 years from all the atmospheric effects similar to a nuclear winter. The stories sounded like it rained for forty days and nights and the story of Noah’s Ark came to mind and the Mt. Ararat volcano. This event triggered Europe’s Dark Age. This also set off a huge reproduction boom in the rodents of Europe. This same reproduction boom effect can be seen in humans from many East African countries due to the toxic effects from the Rift zone. The East African Rift zone was the source of the Black Plague bacteria, which migrated North as the Northern rodent’s immune systems were damaged by all the HF and metals fallout from the volcano’s world wide effects. The Chinese Gobi Desert also appears to have sourced the plague, bought by ship to Europe. The volcanic pollutants entered the rodent food chain, through things like the bones they chew that concentrate the fluorides and metals. The rodents with damaged immune systems in Europe then became the breeding ground for the bacteria, just like regions in the African Rift zone. The problem is not so severe in Africa because the temperature suppresses the growth of the bacteria in fleas. The pathway to man is broken by the temperature. With lower temperature, flea’s bites established the pathway into humans across Europe. Human’s immunity was also damaged from the volcanic HF effects and the metals present in large cities in Europe. It was partly driven by the issue that the bacteria did well in the flea’s digestion path at lower temperatures due to the nuclear winter effects of the volcano. The net result was a volcanic trigger set off the Black Plagues due to the immune damage to both rodents and man. This is the main example that set off the Noah’s Ark explanation from volcano effects. There is a simple rule on this planet that says if the animals get polluted, the immune damages. Titanium techniques cannot be vectored into bird populations as well as into grass eating animals. The HF pollutants from coal burning damage the bird’s immunity and the chemtrail techniques don’t work well. The West Nile Virus can infect a certain number of humans and animals with weak immunity from the G-protein damages to immune cells. Those with severe immune damage will die. Chemtrails titanium method provides a strategic advantage against other countries that don’t have this technology. It can be used to protect the persons of the US and other chemtrail countries and pathogens like SARS or others can be allowed to ravage the health of the countries kept in the dark. Places like China and India do not know the chemtrail technologies and illnesses like SARS can be used to de-populate these countries. All the citizens of the US are going to have to become guardians between Heaven and Hell to insure these exploitations are not allowed to happen for the vast profits for the Bush and pharmacy empire. The national labs have known this was the main problem since the mid-80’s, and that it directly links to rising cancers of all types, as well as to the HIV epidemic. They have intentionally suppressed this information so as to prompt these lies to sustain more weapons work for the corrupted national labs. A key part of the HAARP project is to avert other volcanic disasters of this magnitude that set off world plagues. One has to understand the effects to understand the mission for HAARP. The White House’s basic direction is toward massive health effects and thinning the world population, while making pharmaceuticals and doctors rich in the process. The ideals for the GOP have become aligned with deception and those linked to dishonest practices. “CHEMTRAILS” and the DOE, a study on environment and health synergism. Various persons have requested that I write up a simple explanation about DOE’s “Chemtrials.” Chemtrails are hard to explain, but put simply, chemtrails exploit synergistic effects involving environment and health. Chemtrails are real, and so is the degree of environmental and health harm that chemtrialsare intended to mediate. The DOE and science were discovering many synergistic effects in the 80’s, when the ideas for chemtrails came into play. In Oak Ridge, we were looking at toxic emissions from weapons plants and looking at cyanide mining techniques that made uranium soluble and removed it by dispersion. There was a very similar effect in the health domain with the Vit. B-17, or laetrile effect. In Oak Ridge we had workers whose lungs and bodies were loaded with metals, which needed to be removed. One of the experimental techniques to change this was to use synergistic cyanide emission from the local waste air release stacks. These techniques became called “air pharmacology.” The issues of air pharmacology were highly driven by the issues of one metals release being protective against another. Here the main issue was that of metals complexing with fluorides in the body. Many studies were done on the protective effects of uranium. Here the basic issue is that uranium could compete against metals like beryllium and aluminum and get a compound that caused less damage via G-proteins. This gave the clues to look for other safer metals that could be put into the food chain to compete against more dangerous fluoride-metal complexes in the environment. The best one was titanium. Titanium in the stomach, gut, blood, and lungs could compete with other metals to complex with fluoride and lessen the damage factor. It also helped in the air via landing on the ground and converting fluoride into a lesser danger. It was also protective against UV-b, so there were lots of positive synergism’s for its choice. It was thinking along these lines that lead to DOE sponsored chemtrails, which is now reported as research on reflective particles by Edward Teller of LLNL. The spin that Oak Ridge put into this was to also experiment with chemtrials to modify human health. Another prime example is the cyanide / laetrile like emissions from the local K-25 TSCA [Toxic Substance Control Act, circa 1982] incineration process to affect the workers and local communities. Chemtrails ultimate ambitions are about human health, UV-b reduction, and removing HF from the atmosphere. The Oak Ridge K-25 TSCA incinerator burned “acetyl nitrile” by the train car load to test the CN (cyanide)-ligand method to remove metals from the nervous system. “Acetyl nitrile” is the alternative name for “methyl cyanide,” which will vector toward the nervous system just like methyl alcohol. The vectored CN-radical would then tend to remove metals from the nervous system before they had a chance to interact with fluoride or other processes. Keep in mind that the Nazi’s used Zyklon-b, (hydrogen cyanide), in the death camps, which made plant workers very weary of what was going on. This was the first of the air pharmacology experiments and they were done on the bomb plant workers. The K-25 TSCA air pharmacology idea used “co-emission” to follow the same air pathway into persons. This idea was quickly extended to jet engine effects, since NASA was saying in the 1970’s that high altitude jet exhausts of black carbon and CO2 was affecting the green house effects. So, we quickly applied the “co-emission” technique to jet planes. Here a fuel additive similar to the lead additive in gasoline would carry a metal that would form a white oxide in the engine burn and correct for the black soot from jet fuels burning. This was the birth of the co-emission [now called chemtrail] idea using jets as global spray cans to offset global warming. The idea for using aluminum came from the very common practice of using aluminum in public water treatment plants to precipitate contaminates. This same basic idea was then applied to the air and water in the atmosphere. It helped that aluminum compounds burned in air would make a bright white oxide. Basically, in every city with a water treatment plant is the exact same mechanism used in the atmosphere to clean it of acids and pollutants. The Aluminum seeds form a chemically hygroscopic material, while pulling sulfuric acid from the air. This forms aluminum sulfate, or alum, from the reaction in air. The basic single white particles of aluminum oxide idea was about “Rayleigh” type scattering (“electromagnetic radiation smaller than the wavelength”), changing to “Mie” scattering, (“electromagnetic radiation larger than the wavelength”), with moisture collection. One look at the “getter” material used in vacuum tubes found that barium could be converted by jet fuels burning into barium oxide. Barium oxide absorbs humidity and would gather moisture mass from the air. It was a cloud seeding technique and the added mass of the particle would change the scattering to “Mie” type scattering and have the same reflective characteristics as white clouds. This effect would greatly offset global warming. Mie scattering is highly directional and reflects the Sun’s energy back into space. Putting such a lite weight system on commercial jet’s flying around the globe could well be used to offset the global warming from rising jet effects, CO2, methane, etc. “Dual use” techniques could be used to hide the purpose of the system on the planes. This was the original conceptual idea for what is now called the chemtrail invention. It happened in 1986-87 at ORNL. Oak Ridge was the site of some very early chemtrail experiments due to their extreme fluorides and particle problems. One experiment dumped a white clumpy powder into the air, which tended to accumulate air fungus / mold that discolored and ruined roofs in the region. After heavy rains a white clumping powder could be seen near gutter drains. This was about UV reduction on plants and animals using titanium dioxide and other compounds, and changing the fluoride toxic effects. This effect essentially was put into many soaps to set up a film on persons skin to attenuate UV. (Steve’s Note: This should not cause dismissal of specific bacteria, blood and other fungus found in chemtrail samples that have been recovered, as the government has on numerous occasions been found to have sprayed known viruses, etc. on its citizens without knowledge or consent.) In the mid-1980’s, the Oak Ridge DOE plant operators and ORNL had found massive health problems linked to hydrogen fluoride emissions from its’ plants and coal power providers that was causing problems ranging from health damage to changing the local weather effects. The study of the Oak Ridge DOE and TVA system showed this was becoming a national effect. This is how the major DOE chemtrail operations came into being. We’ve all heard about the green house gas effects from CO2 [CO2 and others absorb infrared energy] in the atmosphere contribute to global warming, but there are some other effects. The bigger problem with CO2 is not so much the direct source effects from combustion process, but it is more UV-b emissions are killing off the ocean’s surface plankton conversion of CO2 and this is making the CO2 levels soar. UV seriously affects plant life. The UV-b part of the equation is driven by fluoride and chlorine in the upper atmosphere, where ozone is formed from the Sun’s ionizing radiation. Here hydrogen from free chlorine reduces the ozone concentrations and allows more of the Sun’s UV-b radiation to pass. Chlorine has a short environmental half time in the atmosphere compared to fluoride, which has a half life of some 200 plus years. Fluorine’s electronegativity is what makes Freon so non-reactive. So, the problem is fluorine tends to do more damage and they want to pull the HF out of the atmosphere using chemtrails. There are always multiple synergism’s in play for all chemtrail techniques. Halogen element ions in the upper atmosphere tend to collect at the South Pole due to the ionization and the Earth’s magnetic field effects. The other end of this effect is the Northern Lights, where the similar ionized sheets of free electrons from magnetosphere ionize the upper atmosphere air into curtains of light. Thus, the ozone hole is around the Southern pole due to the halogen ion concentrations. HF also has another nasty problem in that the Sun’s radiation also stimulates it to emit UV-b radiation. HF also absorbs Infrared Radiation, like CO2, which helps its lofting. The Southern pole region is affected by both less UV-b filtering and direct generation of UV-b conversion radiation in our atmosphere. There is much ionosphere turbulence here. Getting back to DOE plant issues, the local emissions of acids and particles from DOE plants and TVA coal plants make for a smog process that differentially heats the low altitude air due to making it more opaque. This effect stores thermal energy in the air as the temperature rises. When the jet stream forces cooler air over this hot air it makes for more highly damaging weather fronts and tornadoes. One way to mediate this weather damage effect is to use jet planes as giant spray cans to paint the sky with aluminum oxide particles to reflect a few percent of the Sun’s energy back into space. The aluminum also tends to form with the HF and other acids in the atmosphere to precipitate them and get them out of the air. This effect cuts the damages from storms, but it has some downsides. The downside on this particular chemtrial method is that is contributes aluminum-fluoride compounds into the air that get into lungs, water, and food. So, there is a trade off to be made in reducing the storm harm and setting up factors that can induce health effects in global populations. In many ways it is human experimentation on a global scale, sponsored by the DOE and the US Govt. Al-F has a dangerous synergistic effect on thyroid hormones and cells due to the G-protein / Gq/11 effect. Experiments using EDTA chelation of aluminum and mercury often show these effects. I suggested the end for aluminum in deodorants to stop breast cancers and the inclusion of EDTA in deodorant to remove the existing aluminum. Another of the special things is a system called HAARP, which is essentially a big Radio Frequency heater for the upper atmosphere ions or plasma. HAARP provides the heat that is the catalyst to cause reactions with other materials. When barium is injected the acids combine with the barium and tend to precipitate like forming rain. The mass of Barium is important in pulling the materials down. The electric fields are shorted out and they tend to loose that suspension effect and the fall from these regions begins. It is accelerated as HAARP can actually modulate these upper layers and shake things loose. This much like how coal plant precipitators work when the voltage is turned off and the residues knocked loose from the collection plates. The idea is to change one plate of a big capacitor around the Earth. These are some of the special things being done to correct the pollutant problems in our atmosphere and I was the one that invented these techniques and provided the conceptualization ideas. This was done at ORNL in the mid-1980’s, along with the issues on the fluoride linked AID’s crisis driving factors. One should not see these methods as pure benevolent intent, as the Govt. is acting in ways that should only be called Racketeering, when the whole process is revealed. The Govt. is using national security and classification to hide extremely serious harm factors it has allowed to happen to its citizens and to the world. The total equation on the fluoride harm is not only linked to melting our polar ice caps, but it is the root of global health plaques due to endocrine and immune disruption. Fluorides relate directly to the huge rates of HIV transmission, the rising global plague issues, rising rates of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, rising rates of all immune linked illness, and even down to the process of aging. The bulk of the cover ups stem directly from the need for fluorine in the Manhattan Project and in the production of strategic metals like aluminum. Directly, because of classification and national security, this huge mess was allowed to occur. Now, it is literally threatening the health, longevity, and life of every person on this planet. All the factors are present from those of fish dying in the oceans, great plagues upon the planet, polar ice melting, oceans due to rise. This is what is driving the big cover up on chemtrails and why they don’t want to tell people the truth. The cover-up is essentially designed to not tell these issues linked so closely to these religious predictions, because it would greatly change religion’s beliefs. The Govt. is essentially causing these end-time effects and persecuting those that notice the problem. These cover-ups make the GOP interests very rich. These cover-ups have corrupted our Govt. beyond your wildest imagination, to the point that the truth cannot be found on many things. It is time for the citizens to take back control of our Govt. The AMA was formed from Rockefeller industrial interests. AMA doctors make vast profits from industrial induced illness, and they never reveal much of the toxic causation tied to industries. In Oak Ridge, if a doctor came close to connecting a weapons process pollutant to a public health issue, his career came to an abrupt end. Oak Ridge is a cash cow to those that keeps the secrets. A diet low in cooked foods with lots of fresh veggies and fruits does more to improve health than all the pharmacy methods. One of the big troubles in this society is that Americans have forgotten how to eat in healthy ways, and many almost never eat a raw vegetable. All their diets are high in cooked foods, dairy, and meats. And high in diets loaded with pesticides and preservatives. The American methods are killing many from this effect. Then add in the multiple toxic emissions hitting the lungs and absorbed via the food chain. Oak Ridge’s liabilities are huge and the corrupted national security types would rather hide the issues, than ever tell the truth. In the process, they also get to make money the same way as the AMA and industry parasitic relationships have for nearly a century now. This is what sustains the air pharmacology methods. It is the definition of “smoke and mirrors” used in national security ways to hide issues. It has every aspect of the term Racketeering, which is what it is now about. The dumb down effect is connected to the fluoride toxic effects on the brain and is called the mind control project in some circles. One can even see the president of the US plays these same games, helping industry to hide pollutants and dodge class action responsibility, helping AMA pharmacy continue great profits and denying the poor, helping petrochemical industry to the point of wars to gain control of oil interests. These same issues set up the Imperialism of the US presidency. The Aluminum methods were dangerous to health, as there is a dangerous synergism for aluminum, which will tend to pull the HF out of the air. Al-F is connected to thyroid hormone damage via Gq/11 proteins. The Aluminum or Titanium compounds are stored in the grey water compartment of aircraft and injected into the fuel lines at altitude. These were installed by a secret program called “Project Cloverleaf.” The game plan is to take the American citizens hostage as well, using the same basic scam as in NAZI Germany. Today, we have a Govt. run by serious CIA methods using lots of CIA thugs, and those pretending to be religious. This Govt. is about 180 degrees opposed to the values of Christ. America has a CEO these days protecting the interests of those in oil, Rockefeller AMA medicine, Rockefeller based pharmacology, weapons work, and chemicals. We have to see what is going on as a hostile take over of America. The cover up of global warming in the Bush censored EPA report is going to lead to the same type health cover ups as harmed thousands in the DOE plants and communities from DOE’s cover ups. The new area for these Sodom and Gomorra like effects is the East African Rift zone, which is marked by many volcanoes. It is along this line that many illnesses spawn that now go around the world. It is a variant of what happens in China with Flu’s each year. Both areas are highly fluorides impacted, which breeds immune dysfunction and viral breeding. Basically, we’ve known what causes the flu and the common cold for a long time, just doctors don’t want to expose what makes them rich. German Industrial giant I.G. Farben designed fluoride nerve gases, and supplied cyanide chemicals for the death camps. The Bush’s have a long historical connection to Farben. Farben was split up after the war to become things like pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil companies. Germany used fluoride to keep their prisoners dumbed down and tired. It is the effect of damage to the T-3 thyroid hormone process. Its been well known effect by chemical companies since the 30’s, most especially in Germany. The early German and Farben research even discovered the Gq/11 effects and the T-3 damage. This was in research on frogs. The fluorine effects with the big three G-protein metals in Oak Ridge, aluminum, beryllium, and mercury, is not the only G-protein effect today. The chemical industry has let PCB, Dioxin, and chlorine rocket fuels get out of control. These materials have similar strong pick up by the food chain, long retention time in the body, and G-protein mimicry that affects health. Remember, Kucinich said “Chemtrails are real” and now he can’t go anywhere without more questions. There is a big problem, which the DOE does not want to make public. The secret long term objectives are to pull the acids and particulate out of the air, lessen the severity of storms, and get the UV-b levels down; but not blame those industries that caused it. The DOE and Govt. along the way intends to reward these weapons developers with huge funding for keeping the main goals and problems hushed. Then take the citizens hostage and keep them from taking on the corporate corruption. One thing to notice around Oak Ridge and other fluoride damaged sites is the honey bees die off. They become susceptible to tracheal mite infections. Honey Bees feed on pollen and one of the properties of plants is the pollen concentrates fluoride and metal pollution. This process damages the honey bee immunity and kills them off. This also causes problems with African Killer Bee movement north. Cows and grass eaters are just vacuum cleaners of air pollutants and this damages their immunity. This is causing all the overuse of antibiotics on cows and the need to some Noah’s Ark methods to cover the ground with titanium to compensate for the fluoride toxic effects. This same property of the fluoride and metal toxic’s to concentrate into the reproductive system is also true for mammals and humans. Reproductive processes are the most susceptible to toxins, and the effects of these materials even on DNA folding patterns is important. These same effects seen in mice and bees, also happens to man as his toxic exposures increase. We are already seeing massive signs of these type problems in man from damages to the thyroid hormone process. Adults and kids are getting extreme weight and energy problems from the thyroid damage process. The AMA’s simple test for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone only helps to conceal this problem. The problem of thyroid damage from fluorides and metals can only be found by running the full panel thyroid hormone tests. The issue of mad cow syndrome is also in the same venue as it comes from re-feeding bone meals and use of pesticides. The cow’s nervous systems fail under the damage to the immune system. Cow’s are chocked full of antibiotics to help there immune failings along and these get passed to man via milk and meat. This simple knowledge about fluorine’s electronegative effects set up the look at other G-protein effects and this turned up fluoride-metal complex effects. The big three for these effects in Oak Ridge were the aluminum, beryllium, and mercury types. Via a process similar to how iodine pills are used to protect from the dangers of I-131 nuclear power plant accident or bomb releases, the idea for Titanium was born. The titanium and aluminum oxide particle methods system could be placed on planes in the grey water compartments where tanks store the compound and fuel mixers gated on with altitude to make the white trails. The airline program that did this was called “Project Cloverleaf,” and was named after the road that I once lived on and connected to fig leaves coving shame. It was the ignorance of vaccine makers putting aluminum and mercury into vaccines that set up the AIDS crisis in Africa. The East African Rift zone is highly polluted with fluorides and this causes many illnesses. The vaccine companies went into these areas and vaccinated and damaged the population via the G-protein effects of fluorides and metals. G-proteins were not well known in these times, first being found in the 60’s and then winning the Nobel Prize in 1994. One of the main cases for the chemtrails is to cover up this health damage the pharmaceutical vaccine companies did to these countries and to the world. (Steve’s Note: While heavy metals affect immunity systems, the AIDS epidemic was clearly created by the use of ‘designer viruses’, (‘created in laboratories’), as AIDS epidemics occurred overnight in major US cities, (like NY and San Francisco), right after receiving a free Hepatitis B vaccination in the mid 1970’s, and these people DID NOT live along the East African Rift. Similar vaccination programs occurred in Africa, (for smallpox & polio). Based on what happened in US cities, I suspect a similar program there.) The basic science and causation for this has long been known. The German IG Farben company was broken up after World War II and became some of the biggest chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum companies in the world. Today, 60 percent of drugs made use G-protein binding site effects on cells. The extensive use of fluoride based fluxes for the aluminum used in airplanes made this process one of strategic metals importance. Later, fluorine became of even more significance for the production of bomb uranium for the atomic bomb. The issues of secrecy and national security extended a cloak over the problems with rising levels of fluoride in the environments of the US and the world. It was the IG Farben company that linked highly to Hitler’s war machine and it also linked to US interests tied to the Bush family and their money. So, the cover up of the fluorides health effects connect right to the liabilities of two presidents of the US, and also to GOP interests in the AMA and pharmaceutical domains. In ever sense of the word here, money and power corrupt absolutely. After daddy Bush left the CIA he went to work for a pharmaceutical company named “Eli Lilly,” and this is the company that founded a proliferation of fluoride drugs, like Prozac, to attempt to profit from the low level effects of fluoride-metal complexes in the environment by modifying the G-protein effects linked to fluorine. Eli Lilly also had lots of CIA connections and made the drug LSD for the CIA linked “mind control projects” and the first “Cocaine.” Again, this is all G-protein research. This is how fluorides connect to “mind control” and “MK Ultra” issues of Dr. Sydney Goettlieb. (Steve’s Note: Sydney Gottlieb was the head of the CIA mind control program referred to as MK ULTRA.) Fluoride’s G-protein effects on the brain are the basis for brain-wash techniques. It is these connections that are linked to how the CIA and its “spooks” harass persons. The CIA method called “no-pest-strip” uses LSD in a low temp wax base placed on a target persons clothes to make persons go paranoid from their enhanced sensory perception. This is connected to the death of Forrestal when he was looking at the human experiments issues of the nuclear testing and Area 51. The CIA and spooks also use Freon burned in cars ahead of persons releasing HF and fluoride compounds linked to anesthetics to make accidents from persons falling asleep. This is what killed Karen Silkwood. (Silkwood died in a car crash, due to ‘falling asleep’.) The issues of hypnosis even link to the G-protein methods, as persons to be hypnotized are exposed to a chemical that blocks their cognition. Similar methods with fluoride cause long lasting neural network damage and are used in brain-washing techniques to make persons forget what they know. A low level of this type effect is happening on the US population to keep it dumbed down. (Steve’s Note: The Nazi’s placed fluoride in the drinking water of the concentration camps, to increase ‘compliance’.) It is a mind control method from the halls of the CIA and Eli Lilly. These are the methods of the corrupted Bushes. The problem with fluorine is its electronegativity. This element with the highest electronegativity causes the G-protein binding sites to not be clearable and the chemical stability of Freon. When things like nerve gases decompose or drugs like Prozac decompose, the fluoride residues tend to reform into fluoride metal complexes that attack the G- protein system again. This is especially dangerous when aluminum and mercury are also very prevalent. It is this principle effect that drives all illnesses in the world, sets the aging of man, and controls the issue of longevity and eternal life. One of the ways to self-assess fluoride effects on the nervous system is to pay attention to the rates of “muscle twitching” in the body. Muscle twitching is directly related to the G-protein binding sites being damaged by the fluoride-metal complex. The same effects happen with sarin, soman, DDT, PCB, mercury, etc. As the effect gets worse it makes for jitteriness and almost Parkinson’s like motions. As the nerve cells become more affected, peripheral neuropathy starts and numbness in limbs. As it progresses, back pain, loose of power in limbs, shuffle gate, and worse problems set in. One can see the process for the root of the damage for ALS, MS, and how concentrations of these fluorides in the brain cause Parkinson’s syndrome. The immune system will begin to fail and sinus infections develop and fatigue will set in. Lower back pain and joint pain will set in. These are all directly connected to the retention of the fluoride-metal complex in the body causing low level nerve gas like illness in the population. The very same fluorine chemical practice mistakes that damaged the ozone shielding also became the same chemical that damaged the brain barrier shielding leading to all manner of nervous and immune system illnesses. It is well known that US industrialist Henry Ford started what became the Jewish holocaust via a pamphlet he had printed about control of the money system, which the Nazi’s and Hitler endorsed. This lead to the taking hostage and killing of millions of Jews. Bush is doing a similar mass killing via keeping the health effects of fluoride on the immune system suppressed and using the titanium methods to control it in the US and some other areas. The US doing mass medication is intended to keep the fluoride problem off the table of openness. Bush is essentially using viral outbreaks due to fluoride’s immune system damage and mass attrition to kill off major landmasses of populations. A prime example is Africa and soon will be India and China. Bush and his megalomanical network are committing mass genocide type effects to do population control. He is then placing a Eli Lilly person that makes AIDS drugs in charge of the HIV issues. Bush exceeds Hitler’s atrocities by orders of magnitude. There is a large reason the Govt. is doing things like putting aluminum seeds in the atmosphere that act like hygroscopic municipal water plant materials to settle pollutants. A reason to also put similar barium materials into the air, with hygroscopic effects that also form acid and water vapor collection that promotes ‘Mie’ (‘electromagnetic radiation’) scattering over large areas of the US, other countries, and oceans. Then, also putting titanium in the mix. The reasons are in part to control CO2 global warming due to coal emissions, and in large part to offset the pollution induced illnesses from fluoride, using air pharmacology. The jet fuel and airline industry favor the fuel mixable aluminum alcohol de-icing fuel additive, because it pulls the acids from the air that corrosion damage the aluminum skinned airplanes. This became a whole new jet fuel with an additive that helped slow the corrosion of the plane’s skin. This jet fuel additive appears to be connected to the jet fuel health effects seen at the Naval Air Station in Falon, Nevada where kids are coming down with high rates of leukemia. Arsenic and fluoride appears also involved. The JP-8 fuel is directly connected to T-cell suppression, like that of fluoride-metal complexes. The problem with vaccines is the use of Al as an adjuvant and Hg as a preservative. Once one knows about the mechanism of G-proteins and the destructive fluoride metal synergism one can see that vaccine applied to these areas would cause a disaster. The vaccine fluoride-metal synergism effect damaged this areas immune health and laid the pathway for HIV transmission and infection. clip..

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