FW: New ANH Website Launched at www.anhcampaign.org !

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-06-22 11:40:43

 Alliance for Natural Health       Our Campaigns Get Involved Donate Now Contact us Issue No.1 19th June 2008 New ANH website launched at www.anhcampaign.org! Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health’s new site!! You have received this email from our new mail server system, linked to our new website (www.anhcampaign.org), soft launched on 9th June! We’ve been fine-tuning things for the last few days and are ready to point you—and as many people as possible—to our site! Our new website has been a long time in gestation, but it’s now here, giving—we hope you’ll agree— a much clearer picture of what it is that we do offer our supporters and subscribers. Let’s tell you about a few of the many new features on the website: FROM THE HOMEPAGE: International Health News—you can link to this from the area under the welcome screen on the homepage. You’ll see our customised news feed that scavenges relevant news from a staggering 65,000 sources worldwide! Watch the top 10 items scroll across your screen and click any that catches your interest. The full archive is found by clicking ‘More News’. Being informed is the best way of motivating you to take part in ‘right action’. Latest News—these are our main stories, carried centre stage on the homepage, complete with thumbnails and other imagery where appropriate. Check out Our Campaigns! You’ll see the leading three on the homepage and the others either from the left side nav on the ‘More campaigns’ button at the bottom of the right side bar. Whether your interest is in our right to choose natural health, Codex, clean drinking water, risks from phones, or some other issue affecting natural health—check out the breadth of issues we’re working on in our campaigns. We’re particularly excited about the launch of two new campaigns: Sustainable healthcare—here we present a whole new paradigm for healthcare that we believe could signify a turning point on how policy makers and healthcare authorities look at healthcare. It will for the first time offer a level playing field for those systems that are ultimately compatible with our body! Food4Health—don’t you think it’s about time the medical profession, government authorities and the public recognised that one of the first steps in staying or getting healthy is through the consumption of wholesome food and high quality nutrients that our body’s recognise—rather than patented drugs, which tend to interfere with natural metabolic pathways? There’s plenty more to browse and study, forums and polls to participate in. We’ll be working with our web design partners Deeson eMedia to continually improve and develop the site, with multimedia facilities coming on line next month! REMEMBER: Be informed—keep up-to-date with what’s going in the fascinating world of natural healthcare via the ANH website Get involved—find out what you can do to safeguard your future, and that of future generations Have your say—participate in our forums. All of our comments submitted will be moderated before they’re uploaded Let as many people as possible know about our new website at www.anhcampaign.org. Ask them to subscribe to our eBlasts and help support us financially by making a donation, preferably regularly, via our secure server on the website. Alternatively cheques can be sent to us directly at our UK office in any currency. Please make a donation—we are 100% reliant on your donations to enable us to do our work. The more support we have, the more we can do to protect and promote natural health There’s a huge job ahead of all of us—but we’re up for it—are you? Yours in health—naturally…. Dr Robert Verkerk & Meleni AldridgeOn behalf of the Alliance for Natural Health © Alliance for Natural Health, The Atrium, Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1XA, United Kingdom www.anhcampaign.org Alliance for Natural Health, The Atrium, Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1XA, United Kingdom Forward to a Friend forwarded by Zeus Information Service
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