Thinking About 9-11, the Truth, and the Official Movement

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-06-28 09:19:13…   Thinking About 9-11, the Truth, and the Official Movement By Cathy GargerJun 26, 2008, 12:31   At the Radford Conference last month, despite the fact I was there to speak on radioactive weapons (Depleted Uranium) and moderate a War Crimes/Indictment Panel, I was followed around by Official 9-11 Truth men-on-a-mission. These creepy individuals, wearing standard-issue-black 9-11 Truth T-shirts as identifying “uniforms,” followed me, sat next to me, and made me gag during mealtimes.     Apparently, I was part of the weekend “agenda” for these dedicated defenders of Empire.   In this group I shall include one certain over-confident writer seated next to me one night at dinner. The author was incredulous I had not read his novel, roughly based on Official 9-11 Truth Movement doctrine. It appears I managed to say something to piss off the writer sufficiently – enough to cause him to leave the table before dessert! I suspect his departure – without as much as a “good bye”- had something to do with my sharing that I’d studied 9-11 for years, had heard of his book, but expressed no intention of reading it.   He also appeared incredulous I had the audacity to suggest the Twin Towers were, in all likelihood, not felled by the same method as was building 7.  But mostly, I suspect the author was disturbed I did not swoon sufficiently in his direction – in what clearly was an over-inflated self image as a celebrated Official 9-11 movement “celebrity.”   Like I said, his book is a novel – i.e., pure fiction. And with the world falling down around us, tell me who has the time – or stomach – for such nonsense? Actually, when you rip off the outer core or “shell” of the issue, it’s all but a “game” being played on Americans – whereby outright lies about what happened on September 11 are being pawned off as Official “Truth.”   The other 9-11 black-shirt dudes knew who I was – but apparently had no idea I was “on to” them.  I sat expressionless and even nodded politely throughout their lectures, not arguing too strenuously when expressing viewpoints that did not exactly “jive” with their Official 911-Truth Gospel.   I’ve got to admit, it was rather exciting to watch obvious agents of the Empire sweat. (Okay, we all get our kicks in different ways, I guess!) But I deemed it only fair, after all, that during their weekend spent “working” the likes of me, they should, by all rights, be kept busy “earning their keep”. After all, my tax dollars were clearly hard at work! Thus, I was eager to listen with fascinated bemusement to their multitude of canned and memorized “talking points” – as all good 9-11 Movement leaders do – regurgitating upon non-suspecting poor souls facts learned, no doubt, back in 9-11 Official Truth Training School .   I’m not sure where 9-11 Official Truth Training is held (some say Spook Central is located in Miami ). But one thing’s for dang certain, the program is well-run and turns out personable, articulate, semi-intelligent robots capable of running their mouths like a broken record, operating a DVD player, directing groups to hold signs and hand out fliers on city street corners, and all the other myriad logistical details required to run a 9-11 Official Truth Movement operation in a major city. And to their credit, these individuals apparently study quite hard, as they are all quite adept at spitting back the latest currently featured stories – including slick propaganda weaved into professional quality videos on the 9-11 Official Truth website.   During the lectures that May weekend, I heard the usual stuff these “movement” leaders lamely offer, such as stock “put options,” and the tired story of a Maintenance hero named William R. who reportedly found bombs (i.e., explosives) in stairwells. I was also subject to listening (for the ten thousandth time) about hijackers taking flight lessons in Florida and Silverstein admitting to “pulling” WTC7, via controlled demolition.   Now and then I would playfully insert a comment to increase their heart rate and provoke their visible excitement (yeah, I told you I get off on this stuff!) … while I was seriously cautioned to never verbalize out loud the lack of any substantial proof or credible evidence (the kind that can’t be doctored or fudged) that commercial passenger jet planes ever actually hit the towers. Nor should we ever, I was sternly admonished, discuss missiles nor Directed Energy Weapons such as the Airborne Lasereven if we do find these topics interesting – because then, as the Official 9-11 catechism teaching goes, that would scare people off, make them think we are lunatics, and “discredit the movement” for all those still new to exploring the so-called “Truth.”   God help me, I swear I heard the word “movement” with regard to 9-11 more times that weekend than I heard the words “war” and “peace” out of the mouths of graying, former hippies who flew out from San Francisco to attend the Virginia conference.  These “brown shirts” (okay, their 9-11 shirts were black, but you get the point) did not appreciate my simple question, one I asked many times, namely, “Uh….What about the actual Truth?” I was told repeatedly that people cannot handle the truth, so we should, therefore, stick only to whatever safe, easy to understand facts could potentially “help the movement,” being sure not to take any risks by discussing things people might find difficult to believe, understand, or  digest.   Ah, I see … 9-11 Pablum for the masses was their deal! Let’s not give Americans the actual Truth, but rather be all-concerned with presenting only a few easy-to-swallow tidbits so we don’t have to stretch their incompetent minds to deal with science … science, that is, that might very well lead to a wee bit too much Truth for those in power to be able to handle! Yes, at the Radford Conference of the World Prout Assembly this May, 2008, the mission of the national guarders-of-Truth was absolutely confirmed!   I kept wondering precisely what “movement” there is if we are not encouraged to get to the bottom of things and research the science for ourselves to figure out what happened. I mean, do these guys not realize how doggone obvious they are, forcing upon people only certain pre-established issues and pre-determined conclusions, deemed to be safe for the “movement?” Did they not comprehend that the very fact they are so adamant that we all stick so narrowly to their pre-fabricated agenda, with absolutely zero tolerance for inquisitive pondering, is a blatantly obvious indication to anyone with even half a brain that these men in black had been specifically trained and “tasked” with a specific mission?   I tried to keep a straight face as I was also informed (as if religious dogma) that we should only listen to the work of one particular scientist. Strategically positioned as the quiet, religious, “choir boy” expert as close to god as the world will ever find, this federally-trained scientist has been widely heralded in 9-11 Official Truth Movement circles as the solitary guru who possesses the *only* scientific theory worth considering.   No matter that the scientist in question worked for a major national DOE weapons laboratory in the field of advanced energy projects research.  Followers of Official 9-11 Truth doctrine are not concerned with such petty details like the curious past of their movement’s savior and the other conspicuously religious, “patriot” military dude who used to command the laser weapons programs used by the US military in our skies above.   Very interesting “Truth” indeed!  When discussing how the towers were obliterated into tons of fine, powdery dust before our very eyes, there is no room, no tolerance for discussion. Try to make a point for anything other than “Super Thermate” and one can absolutely count on being slammed without opportunity for comment in a Ground Zero minute!   No matter the US military is the only entity capable of using high energy weapons technology to obliterate 110-story skyscrapers into mere dust! With the Official 9-11 Movement, it’s always case closed, no room for any alternative theory that might put a one-of-a-kind identifying fingerprint uniquely, squarely on the supremely powerful red, white, and blue… and its private military force that does not even answer to the Pentagon.     The mission of the controlled Official 9-11 Truth Movement is both blatantly obvious and absolutely understandable. One can certainly see the perpetrators’ unquestionably critical need to direct away from such, um, inconvenient little details. It’s quite elementary, actually, when we comprehend the necessity of sticking to any story that prevents the dirty deeds from being able to be attributed to the only perps capable of possessing a certain particularly distinguishable technology.   For truly all hell would break loose if Ma and Pa in the heartland were to realize that “terr’ist” hijackers could not possibly have flown commercial passenger airliners into the Twin Towers nor planted explosives high up in the towers – even though our Fearless Leader did tell the world this is precisely what happened.   I sat and listened more than once that weekend in Virginia to the Official 9-11 canned spiel, allowing these defenders of Empire to think they were actually winning me, a critical thinker and seasoned Associate Member of Scholars for 9-11 Truth, over into 9-11 Official Truth Movement Group-Think. I was able to look them straight in the eye and catch every word of their well-researched speeches, all the while asking myself if agents paid to lead 9-11 Official Truth Groups in major cities ‘round the world were, in reality, not even a mite bit smarter than little ol’ me?   Apparently not.   Listen up guys, if you’re reading (and I’m quite certain you are). I’ve been studying 9-11 for years before you even went to spook school. Don’t waste any more time on me, as I gave up your god and Official Group-Think doctrine years back. I have done my homework, I know who you answer to, and I am well aware of your mission. Been there, heard that so many times before. So next time fellas, please go find some other sucka to goon upon!   And to the rest of you good-hearted, smart folks? I suggest you join me in questioning the existence of a national, highly structured, organized group with a central home base, slick websites, professional videos of the caliber only highly trained propaganda experts could produce, and enough funding to pay an extremely highly skilled staff.   I invite you to think long and hard about this zealous group, with decisions handed down for them on high from “Headquarters” (their term, not mine) with regard to what to tell the masses and how to spin it all together quite neatly into a tight little package – efficiently melding Official 9-11 “Truth” followers into the “peace and justice” and impeachment movements.   When the former head of the Star Wars Weapons program (think Directed Energy Weapons) tells us, “It is time for everyone in the peace and justice movement to set aside our differences and work together as a single united force”, this is the cue for all of us who possess functioning brains to look long and hard at the motives and tactics being used to corral well-meaning progressives into one easy-to-lead “movement” with controlled actions and feel-good events orchestrated and backed by none other than the very perps themselves.   For discerning minds that actually appreciate independent thinking and actions, below are two good resources which make us think outside the 9-11 Official Truth Movement box. These articles discuss what Disinformation is – and how it is used regularly in brilliant psy ops efforts, the likes of which most Americans do not even realize exist.   Isn’t it time we started thinking for ourselves? For whatever is being pushed on us by a massive, nationally run and highly organized, controlled effort with a consistent message—and the means to broadcast it into major cities all throughout the world—must be carefully examined. What they are pushing—en masse—must be investigated, even if no reason other than it is quite conspicuously, pervasively, and persuasively being shoved down the international community’s throats for massive, mindless consumption.   The Official 9/11 Truth Movement is a “movement” alright. But if we are truly in search of real, honest-to-goodness Truth—as in what actually, really happened—then we are all going to need to quickly develop inquisitive, questioning minds of our own in order to come up with some legitimate answers.   In other words, we have been given brains and it is imperative we each now begin to think long and hard about these things – all by ourselves. We need to be extremely wary of large, controlled-from-the-top organizations that tell us what to think, do, and say in order to truly restore “peace and justice” to our nation and find ways to remove and “bring to justice” the multitude of sociopaths running the show.     If you are a free and independent thinker, you’ll be interested in reading about Disinformation – a collection designed to teach us such strategies that are employed upon us,  the general public, in clever psychological campaigns designed to obscure the truth and carefully direct (or rather, mis-direct) our attentions and efforts.   Another must-read piece for those who enjoy thinking these things all the way through is Alternate Propaganda Conspiracy Theory used by government plants and the media.   My rule of thumb, when reading theories of scientific research, is to ask myself what is everyone in the leadership of Official 9/11 Truth “movement” saying? For it is only after I determine what they want me to think can I then go out and explore all other possible alternative theories. For whatever they want us *most* to believe is the very place we must begin to conduct our own search for other answers.   Those who perpetrated 9-11 have the bucks, the paid personnel, and the driving motive to make absolutely certain the vast majority of Americans never get too close to what actually happened on that horrid September day. And thus, the criminals responsible for the heinous crimes have manufactured an entire “movement” they are now merging with other movements to create a fail proof method of ensuring they are never exposed nor tried in a court of law for perpetrating the attacks, the very justification they created to enable the US to wage wars everlasting upon the rest of the resources-rich world.   As I recall, hippies used to advise us, back in the 60’s and early 70’s, to “Question Authority.” Now, a few decades later and far more “hip” to the masterfully clever methods used by the Empire to control the thinking and actions of Americans around the subject of 9-11, our motto should be, “Question large, organized groups that orchestrate national action campaigns around a pre-set, controlled agenda while discouraging people from thinking for themselves.”   It is imperative we research for ourselves what happened on 9-11. If we are then convinced we have not been told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, we must begin to take legal action, as several courageous, private citizens have already done.   We do not need an international organization to tell us their version of what went down at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. What we do need, however, are bright and confident individuals who know the truth is out there – and who realize they have minds capable of figuring out these things for themselves.   What we also need are people who can work independently to find ways to expose controlled opposition groups infinitely more concerned with showing videos and carrying signs than they are in pursuing legal recourse to bring all of the criminals to justice for a multitude of high level crimes, including the committing of war crimes, crimes against humanity, environmental crimes, violations of basic human rights, genocide, and treason.   And that’s just for starters.   In the beginning of our search for “Truth,” the Official 9-11 Truth “Movement” captures the attention, interest, and dedication of so many of us looking for answers. Once we realize their agenda and purpose for their existence, however, it is incumbent upon us to keep looking in new – and perhaps opposite – directions.   While not one to push any particular theory on anyone because it is never one’s place to tell others what to believe, I invite all of you to open your eyes open a bit wider – as I have done – and realize that all that is pushed hard down our throats as the undeniable “Truth” is, quite often, anything but.       Cathy Garger is a regular guest contributor to Axis of Logic. She is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a certified personal coach who specializes in Uranium weapons. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation’s capital during the Washington , DC , federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at savorsuccesslady3@ya…     © Copyright 2008 by Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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