FW: Episode 5 – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and the Pentagon Briefing

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-07-18 10:24:19

   Hosted by Giuliano Marinkovic   UFORadio Podcast Program presents:   EPISODE 05 –  ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL & THE PENTAGON BRIEFING   Giuliano is presenting the reconstruction of The Pentagon Briefing between dr. Edgar Mitchell and Rear-Admiral Thomas R. Wilson (J2) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The briefing has happened back in April 1997. During the briefing Wilson has allegedly received code names of the Special Access Projects that are dealing with reverse engineering of the UFO technology.                                 After the reconstruction you can hear extended interview with dr. Mitchell that was done at June 25th, 2007. You can download this Podcast episode directly at:   uforadio.podomatic.c…   Or from Website:   uforadio.podomatic.c…   Our RSS Feed is at: uforadio.podomatic.c…   Best regards:   UFORADIO – INTERNATIONAL Host: Giuliano Marinkovic e-mail: uforadio@gmail.com Skype ID: UFORADIO   Not happy with your email address? Get the one you really want – millions of new email addresses available now at Yahoo!

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