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Date: 2008-08-02 01:09:03

Forwarded for Week on EXOPOLITICS RADIO – EXOPOLITICS: 2008 ET Disclosure Management with Dr. Michael Salla; Is Gary McKinnon’s Case linked to U.S. Disclosure Management? by Alfred Webre


Gary McKinnon: Hacking Away At Truth and the Failings of the Disclosure Community? by David Griffin – Exopolitics UK…

EXOPOLITICS RADIO WHEN: This Week: Saturday August, 2008 @ 8 PDT (11 PM EDT/ 8 PM Phoenix time) WHERE: LISTEN LIVE:www.exopoliticsradio… AUDIO ARCHIVE: LISTEN TO THIS PROGRAM NOW:www.exopoliticsradio… EXOPOLITICS: 2008 ET Disclosure Management with Dr. Michael Salla; Is Gary McKinnon’s Case linked to U.S. Disclosure Management? by Alfred Webre WHO: Dr. Michael E. Salla, is the author of  EXOPOLITICS: POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE (Dandelion Boolks) is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the scholarly study of the main actors, institutions and processes associated with an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or the mass media.  He is Executive Director of the Exopolitics Institute in Kona, Hawaii: www.exopoliticsinsti…. Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is the author of  “EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE (Universebooks.Com), a book that helped found the field of Exopolitics – the science of relations between human society and advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe.  Alfred is International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), dedicated to preventing the weaponization of space; transforming the permanent war economy into a peaceful, sustainable New Energy-based, Space Age society, and supporting cooperation amongst Life in the Universe.  Alfred has proposed a Truth Amnesty-Disclosure process to facilitate release of advanced ET-derived New Energy technologies to heal the biosphere and create a sustainable, peaceful Space Age society. EXOPOLITICSRADIO.COM: www.exopoliticsradio… NEW! BREAKING DISCLOSURE NEWS UPDATES:     Breaking Exopolitics News sidebar EXOPOLITICS RADIO with Alfred Webre is a weekly, Magazine format Exopolitical public affairs talk show, exploring the evidence and impact of intelligent, organized life in the Universe on our human society. EXOPOLITICS RADIO is a listener-sponsored radio station. Exopolitics Radio airs  on Saturday nights at 8:00 P.M. PDT (11:00 P.M. EDT).  You can listen to Exopolitics Radio programs anytime 24/7 free as a public service at: www.exopoliticsradio… EXOPOLITICS RADIO is broadcast weekly on Monday at 9 PM Central Time on UPRN 105.8 FM, New Orleans.  EXOPOLITICS RADIO online affiliates include Paranormal Radio Network (Monday 9 PM Central Time at www.ufoparanormalrad…); Revere Radio Network (Mondays 8 PM Central Time at and Kansas City Online Radio Network (Monday 11 PM Central Time and Thursday 8 PM Central Time at…).  EXOPOLITICS RADIO is produced by Finis Productions of Phoenix, AZ. www.finisproductions….    EXOPOLITICS RADIO is heard in over 56 countries and 492 cities around the globe, including all 50 states in the USA.  NEW! Listen now to last week’s EXOPOLITICS RADIO Program on Audio Archive: AUDIO ARCHIVE: LISTEN TO THIS PROGRAM NOW: www.exopoliticsradio… EXOPOLITICS: 2008 ET Disclosure Update with Stephen Bassett – Part II; Is Stephenville an ET-Human Disclosure Management Ops? by Alfred Webre Support Truth Amnesty-Disclosure.… EXOPOLITICS/DISCLOSURE – ASK, WRITE, CALL THE 2008 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES NOW. View CNN Coverage of the 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference – May 9, 2001, National Press Club, Washington, D.C.… There was no follow-up then in the U.S. Congress or in the White House for Disclosure. 2008 Presidential Candidates – Contact Information Contact the presidential candidates and ask them what they would do about secrecy and Disclosure! Go to their town meetings and rallies, write or fax letters, email, or call them!  List of Presidential Hopefuls: Send an Online fax at: www.disclosureprojec… Email or call the Candidates:NEW! Barack Obama (ET/UFO Agnostic-Spun ET question into terrestrial concerns-would cut NASA space exploration)*… –  1-866-675-2008 * John McCain (“I have a great interest in UFOs”) – (703) 418-2008 NEW!*Cynthia McKinney – Green Party (USA)! *Libertarian Party Candidate Bob Barr…   NEW! Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez… LISTEN TO EXOPOLITICS View/Comment on this article:… — _________________________________Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEdICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space3339 West 41 AvenueVancouver, B.C. V6N3E5 CANADATEL: 604-733-8134 FAX: 604-733-8135Email:…: CAMPAIGN: NUCLEAR FREE ZONE: peaceinspace.blogs.c… War Crimes Tribunal: peaceinspace.blogs.c… EXOPOLITICS: www.exopolitics.comS… DREAMS LISTEN TO EXOPOLITICS

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