The Facts and Fictions of 9/11

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-08-04 17:07:07

The Facts and Fictions of 9/11 Aluminium cuts through steelAnd TV newsmen say it’s real Two Huge Buildings turn to dustCars are flipped, instantly rust Metal toasted, jellifiedLaws of physics now defied “Building seven’s just collapsed”- That’s the future not the past! Hurricane’s don’t make the newsKatrina-sized, near and huge! Five Hijackers alive, wellSurvived the crash, lived to tell Mobile phones at speeds and heightsWork, though they shouldn’t by rights. The pentagon is hit nowAll its cameras can’t show how Steel at two seven five oMelts one five one seven – Low? Steve Jones says thermate, look there!(Cold-fusion’s first saboteur!) Buildings fall at free fall rateSurely pancakes would be late? Magnetic Fields coincideWith building falls; holes in sides Pancakes leave no pancake stackHey! I want my building back! “Now, everyone. It’s safe to breathe!”On and on the lies deceive. Weapons tested in plain sight- Everyone gives up their rights War on Terror now prevailsMedia – now works for ‘sales’ What are these democracies,We export like a disease?How can we, our children, pleaseIf we simply take our ease In days like these? (Nick Buchanan – 1st August 2008) Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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