From: shivakrsna

Date: 2008-08-09 16:56:55

Hi ! Andrew I really like Check the Evidence & Cognoscence. Great sites . However you seem to have overlooked my evidence . I have a massive amount of evidence . I have been visited on numerous occasions since March 2007. I currently have 43 one hour Sony Handy cam videos of UFOs . I also have about 2000 photos which I have taken from my videos. Although I have posted on several well known sites I have received some good support but mostly ridicule it is very obvious that most of these sites are monitored and infiltrated by those whishing to obscure the reality of People from Other Planets. This is for their own selfish aims. So I am asking you to check the evidence that I can provide you with. Please find attached images from this week and some others from the previous months. Yours Sincerely , Graham

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