Summary – Developments in 9/11 Research and UFO/ET Research

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-08-09 22:28:24

I recently sent out a version of the text below to people who have registered on “CheckTheEvidence”. I thought it might provide a sort of summary of some of the threads of research that I have been sending messages/posting on the site etc.   If you haven’t visited  www.checktheevidence… for a while, you will find some new articles and audio’s posted here. Since the beginning of 2008, I believe that thanks mainly to Dr Judy Wood, we are now getting a better understanding of what really happened on 9/11/01.   9/11, Energy and Weather Control    The evidence she has collected has allowed us to realise that some type of technology, related to what is known as “The Hutchison Effect” was used to destroy the WTC complex. The evidence is posted at   Further, Dr Wood has posted very important evidence regarding the presence of Hurricane Erin on 9/11 – it was closest to NYC during the events of 9/11, and then moved out to sea. Why?   We think we are “over the target”, because of the reaction we have seen to the posting this evidence. I have written articles about this and linked them to the front page.   We have also seen Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds attempt to prosecute NIST’s contractors for fraud. Contractors such as ARA and SAIC tried to cover up what happened on 9/11. The Judge recently dismissed these “Qui Tam” cases, and a third case by Ed Haas was also dismissed. Dr Wood has now lodged an appeal.   I recently gave a talk about some these matters, which seemed to go down quite well.   UFO ET Developments in 2007/2008    This year, we have, I think, seen – for the first time – a clear effort to link UFOs to National Security – a recent “Larry King Live” programme had 2 disclosure project witnesses (Robert Salas and Robert Jacobs) talking about their experiences with Nuclear Weapons and UFOs. Dr Robert Jacobs has been talking of his experience since 1982 – so why has CNN picked it up only 26 years later?  And why is there now such a flurry over Edgar Mitchell? He’s been telling his story for about 12 years! What’s more, Gordon Cooper said similar things to Mitchell in about 1978!     Water/Life/Phoenix Lander on Mars   I have been receiving quite a lot of traffic to a summary of Mars Anomalies I compiled following CB Brooklyn’s posting of a link on Godlike Productions forum. The latest data from the Phoenix Lander – that it has found water ice on Mars – seems to be a repeat of data from the Viking Lander 29 years ago – see this NASA page…   Request  Please do all that you can to share this information and raise awareness of the important evidence that is easily available on www.checktheevidence…… – and related websites, of course. If you want to order DVD’s or other materials, please use this page: www.checktheevidence… We are hearing a lot about the encroaching police state, the credit crunch and imminent economic crash, as well as gloomy predications about resource depletion and climate change. If you study the evidence presented here, all these things are put in a different light. We know free energy is real – and it was used on 9/11. We know that weather modification technology is real and was used on 9/11. Who has this technology? What is its true nature? Will they use it again and fake a nuclear attack? Are we being set up for the use of Project Bluebeam, to make us think aliens are invading? Who did 9/11? It seems likely to me that an evil group of people are already running planet earth – and they want to manipulate us using fear and ignorance. Is “resistance futile”? It’s up to you to decide…Thank you for reading!   In peace,   Andrew Johnson

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