Re: UFOs

From: shivakrsna

Date: 2008-08-10 16:14:27

The Rockefeller Illuminati are responsible for most of the UFO research Organizations & conferences . The Treaty isnt documented it maybe true it may not . The Greys are in my opinion absurd. From what I have read they are Aliens from Zeta Reticuli but they are really from Earth . They are Cyborgs , Robots, Automotons and part of a large species of interdimensional beings. I have also read they live underground on Earth on the Moon and on Mars. They brerak the treaties lie a lot and cant be trusted .In which case they would never need a treaty as clearly they can do as they wish . Why dont they mutilate cattle in India which has billions of cattle ? Why not the UK which has mad cow disease ?Very few cases occur outside of the Americas . Why are 90% of abductions in the USA and not the Orkneys , The Falklands or Pitcairn Island where thay could take who they wished with little chance of obstruction or discovery ? Less than 1% of abductions are black only 7 reported cases of Asians and about 90% are white women mostly in the Deep South of the USA . Sounds to me like a Nazi USA military op. Why dont these Greys abducted large numbers of British or Germans or Egyptians ? The UFO phenomena began in 1947 when a a pilot saw a formation , a military formation of ” flying Saucers “. This pilot was a former US military Intel Officer. Thats a big hint. Virtually all sighgtings occured in the USA and the Americas . These are Vril Haunebu from the USA , Brazil, Antarctica and Chile . Britain & the USSR also developed flying discs from captured Nazi prototypes. Those account for most of the sigtings in the 1950s accross Europe. I believe Alien vehicles would be very very Alien ! Not conforming to our ideas of shapes or Craft. I see Triangles which change to blobs then Cylinders then Diamonds . Basically any shape or form they wish to be . They have no form or shape or structure. That is Alien. Metalic discs are not . The Orbs are most likely not of human construction.I dont know where they come from. Same with the Rods. I am interested to know why the Greys abduct so many White Women from the South of the USA. Why not Iceland or Tahiti etc ? Are the Greys racist ? If they can build inter dimensional intergalactic craft why do they abduct people and harvest them for glandular secretions ? It is obvious they have the technology to Genetically engineer any pharmacological products they may need. It is absurd to assume that beings travel accross Galaxies to mutilate the Anus of a Cow or the Glands or Eggs of women from Alabama ,Texas or Arizona etc . They could and would produce very efficently any DNA Aumentations and could remove billions of eggs and sperm from just a few people without the need to return again and again to harvest yet more from American citizens. The Greys could also farm humans as we do cattle or sheep . Yet the Greys abduct 4 million Americans often near military bases . Seems pretty obvious these Greys dont like Japanese , French or Sri Lankan glandular secretions !! Why are the Americans so tasty ? !!

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