Addendum to “Ace in the Hole Part 2”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-08-27 20:54:02

Apparently, I’ve sent “hate correspondence” to Ace Baker…. I’ve now asked them to broadcast a correction to this statement   www.checktheevidence…     www.checktheevidence…     Addendum – Ace Baker on Dynamic Duo – 26 Aug 2008   On 26th August 2008, Ace Baker appeared on the Dynamic Duo. Part of a segment in the first hour discussed Ace Baker’s “Challenge” and mentioned the posting of this article (before this addendum was posted). At time code 2:36 in this clip, he stated, in regard to this “challenge”:     I’ve been getting the hate correspondence from – from Andrew Johnson and so forth….   This was a curious statement, as all the e-mails I have recently exchanged with Baker are included in this article in their entirety. (I have deleted the actual e-mail addresses to reduce bot spamming). Why couldn’t Ace’s description have been more accurate, saying “I have been getting correspondence from Andrew Johnson” or “I have been getting critical correspondence from Andrew Johnson” or even “Andrew Johnson asked me some questions about this, to which I responded.”? Anyone reading this article, and the e-mails can clearly see there is no “hate correspondence” here. Additionally, it is not my style to indulge in such correspondence, as a study of my web postings, articles etc. will reveal.   He then discussed my website and how I posted the earlier articles in this series. He then referred to the e-mail that John Hutchison sent to Dr Judy Wood (which she forwarded to me) regarding John’s attempted blog entry posting. Ace incorrectly states that John Hutchison contacted me directly – he did not, as the e-mail header shows.   Fetzer then read out the title of this article (“Ace in the Hole Part 2”), and the “subtitle” I posted on the front page (which read: “What is the real motive behind Ace Baker’s new “Hutchison Effect Challenge?”) Fetzer then stated:   “Oh, that’s great, I love it when people start speculating on motives”.   Ace then adds:   My motive is to get people to believe that Hutchison is a fake – that’s my motive.   So, are Baker and Fetzer unconcerned with the large volume of evidence that John has amassed? (It seems pointless to ask this sort of question too many times.)   Ace Baker then reads out John’s e-mail, but fails to mention that this text is what John Hutchison attempted to post on Ace Baker’s blog, and that it was John’s best recall of it. (An entry posted on a blog is normally “lost” if the user does not make a copy, and it is subsequently not approved.)   Fetzer then re-asserts that his treatment of John Hutchison, when he appeared on Fetzer’s show, was justified , because of John’s background. He then says:   This is something that Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and others don’t seem to have processed.   I think evidence presented here shows that I, and others, have very much “processed” what Jim Fetzer has been doing – and I have documented evidence to suggest what his motive could be.   In the second hour, a caller (John) from Canada rightly pointed out that just because Ace has produced a video which reproduces some of the aspects of the Hutchison Effect, it does not prove that John Hutchison is a fraud (Fetzer agreed with this logic). The caller then does a quite a good job of mentioning the additional evidence such as the metal samples and Dr Wood’s comparison to the effects seen on 9/11 (but even though he appears to have read this article, he failed to mention Ace’s opportunity to meet John Hutchison in Seattle). However, Ace then responds and says:   I don’t think that Judy believes in it [The Hutchison Effect], unfortunately, I’ve come to the opinion that Judy Wood is… um… fits right in to the model of disinformation.   Curiously, Ace then re-asserts his general support for the rest of Dr Wood’s 9/11 research and study of what happened at the WTC and states that she is “absolutely right” about the effects seen – such as dustification of the towers, the bent beams etc.   Perhaps ironically, most of the remainder of the show is taken up with Ace’s discussion of his model of the ways disinformation can be promoted.   What was the purpose, if any, of this broadcast with Ace Baker and Jim Fetzer?     Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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