Sander Hicks is informed of Directed Energy Usage on 9/11

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-09-12 19:25:47

  WPFW’s 9/11 show today was hosted by Ron Pinchback  with thanks to Louis Wolf, Betsy Harman and Nancy Purks.    Special guest: SANDER HICKS, founder of VoxPop café on which the film  Able Danger www.AbleDangerthemov… is based, and who is also author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers, and the Cover-Up was assisted on the phone by Paul Kirk  director of Able Danger .www.abledangerthemov…   Sander Hicks appearance this evening at Bus Boy and Poets Restaurant is sponsored by Alliance for Global Justice /   Frank Ferguson called in to the show.… Psssst…Have you heard the news? There’s a new fashion blog, plus the latest fall trends and hair styles at

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