FW: Treason in the UK

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-09-23 15:54:16

 News just in…. Brilliant action which must be multiplied a thousand times up and down the land if we are to succeed in the future – just the sort of action for a developing ‘Truth Group’ to take part in.  Can everyone please maximise the publicity for their initiative today on all websites,Well done Gillian and friends!Thanks Justin—–Original Message—–From: Gillian Swanson To: jrgwalker@aol.comSen…: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 13:02Subject: RE: Treason #ygrps-yiv-1082223083 #ygrps-yiv-1082223083AOLMsgPart_3_677a1fb1-6e2e-4cbc-abcd-1d07b54bab57 .ygrps-yiv-1082223083hmmessage P { PADDING-RIGHT:0px;PADDING-LEFT:0px;PADDING-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN:0px;PADDING-TOP:0px;} #ygrps-yiv-1082223083 #ygrps-yiv-1082223083AOLMsgPart_3_677a1fb1-6e2e-4cbc-abcd-1d07b54bab57 BODY.ygrps-yiv-1082223083hmmessage { FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma;} Herb Goodwin and Gillian Swanson, of Whitley Bay, Nathan Allonby, of Cullercoats, and Susan Pearson, of Belford, Northumberland (all within the Northumbria Police area) met outside Whitley Bay Police Station at 10.30 this morning to report sedition and treason against the Heath government.  A photographer from the Whitley Bay Guardian was present, and took several photographs of the group, holding a large brown envelope containing the evidence.    They then went into the police station, where a police officer noted the crimes, and took Mrs Swanson’s address and phone number, then asked us to wait for another officer, who would come and deal with the matter.   Graeme Turnbull, PC No 3764, came out to speak to us.  He agreed to take our documentation of evidence against the Heath government for the crimes of treason and sedition, but would not accept a crime had been committed before further investigation had been made.  However, he took our evidence, gave us a reference number, and said we would be informed of the progress of our report.   PC Turnbull would not sign our notes to this effect, when offered the opportunity, but agreed with the paragraph above when it was read out to him.   Initially, he had said that this was a political matter, and asked if we contacted the MP for Tynemouth consituency, Alan Campbell, about it.  We said it was not a political matter, a crime had been committed.  Mrs Swanson added that, in any case, she wished to bring a further accusation of sedition and treason against Mr Campbell himself.  PC Turnbull asked on what grounds.  Mrs Swanson said, because he had supported the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, which completed the job of sedition and treason begun by the Heath government.   PC Turnbull said that a crime had to be committed against a person, and asked who was the victim of the crime we were reporting.  We said that we, as individuals were the victims.  He then said that it would be to our advantage to take legal advice to ascertain whether it was worth pursuing our present course of action, because, although the crime of treason was still on the statute book, the 1842 Treason Act specified that treason must be an an act against the monarch.   Interestingly, he also said that treason was still a capital offence.  Mrs Swanson queried this, since she understood that Mr Blair’s government had abolished capital punishment for treason.  PC Turnbull said, no, it was still a capital offence.   A photo of the group assembling outside the police station is attached.   The follwing press release was issued prior to reporting the crimes:     PRESS  RELEASE   Treason will be reported today at police stations throughout the country.   As a direct result of the European Communities Act pushed through by the Heath government, the vast majority of our laws are no longer made by directly accountable representatives, and Parliament is unable to make its decisions in the light of what is best for this nation.  Papers released under the Thirty Years Rule make it clear that the politicians who took us into the “Common Market” were aware that this must be the eventual price of membership, yet did everything in their power, using both subterfuge and  large amounts of taxpayers’ money, to keep the electorate in the dark.    The evidence made available in these papers will be presented at Whitley Bay Police Station at 10.30 this morning, Tuesday, 23 September, by a group representing the growing number of  UK citizens in the North-East who believe that those responsible for our present loss of  independence should answer for their crimes against the nation.    Speaking on behalf of the group, Gillian Swanson said, “This evidence proves that the Heath government conspired with deliberate intent not only to subvert our constitution (the crime at common law of sedition) but to hand this country over to a foreign power (the crime at common law of treason).   “Because of their betrayal, we are now seeing the introduction of an alien constitution, disguised as a treaty; and our traditional freedoms and protections against tyranny are being wiped out, as English common law is brought into line with practices in other member states, or simply over-ruled by EU legislation.   “People are finally waking up to the enormity of the crimes committed by our “representatives”, past and present, and action is being taken by concerned citizens throughout the UK.  Treason has already been reported at 23 police stations over recent months; and it will continue to be reported until justice is done.”  

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