Re: FW: Treason in the UK

From: shivakrsna

Date: 2008-09-23 16:54:04

The Monarch used to handsomely reward those that uncovered Treason , caught a Traitor in the act or in a plot or conspiracy . Yes that word Conspiracy. The Globalist / Fabians Socialists have conspired to overthrow the Legal & Lawful Government of the United Kingdom by surupticious subtefuge, plots and schemes and are thus all guilty of Conspiracy to commit Treason. The signatories are guilty of Treason. As for the cowards Blair & Brown they should receive a fair trial and then disapear to a dingy cell. Of course Blair abolished the Treason laws , that in itself is high treason , in 1998 ,when some eother patriots were taking him to court. What a scumbag aboloshing the Treason Laws in 1998 so he could commit Treason. The modern politically corrected vernacular does not stop me from saying High Treason is a crime against the Nation in the person of the Sovereign Monarch and is thus punishable by Death. That of course includes all subjects citizens and even the Monarch.

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