FW: Support Dr. Judy Wood’s Legal Appeal against NIST Contractors

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-10-16 19:55:57

Support Dr. Judy Wood’s Legal Appeal against NIST Contractors If people in the UK want to send me any donations in pounds, I will collate them and send them over. This will need to be done (or pledged) in the next 2 or 3 days to meet the deadline. I can accept PayPal to this e-mail address, cheques to Andrew Johnson or lastly cash (best to send recorded delivery if you choose that option). You can send yourself  by Western Union Sally S. Pitcher using Western Union, though multiple individual donations will likely incur more admin fees for Western Union (which is not especially cheap).   US/Canada if you want to send anything, please send to the postal address shown make cheques payable to Sally S Pitcher, but mark them on the back “trust account in favor of Dr. Wood”.   A notification of donations received will later be posted.   Thanks for your consideration.   Andrew —–Original Message—–From: Morgan Reynolds Sent: 15 October 2008 20:02To: Morgan ReynoldsSubject: Support Dr. Judy Wood’s Legal Appeal against NIST ContractorsHello everybody,It is crunch time in Dr. Judy Wood’s appeal of the NY southern district federal court’s peremptory granting of the Treasonous NIST contractors’ motion to dismiss her civil suit against them under the False Claims Act.  District Court Judge Daniels’ dismissal of 13 pages (including my “no planes” case) was, shall we say, uninformed, at best.  See nomoregames.net/inde… .  There was no way he and the PTB want the perp-cover-up “scientists” working on behalf of the biggest crime in history, as the NIST profiteers did, to testify under oath with interrogation by a knowledgeable plaintiff like Judy Wood represented by the fine attorney Jerry Leaphart, much less a knowledgeable prosecutor of good intentions and determination, a la Jim Garrison.  There is no way the perps and their NIST contractors can withstand discovery, much less a public trial.So the Wood case is the best thing, the only thing, we patriots have going in the courts, a tangible, legal action by the best physical scientist (by far) researching 9/11 against the perpetrators and their cover-up artists, the only legal hope, for now, to expose and break 9/11 wide open.  One of the great things about the appellate level is that while the odds against the appeals court overturning or remanding the lower court’s decision are huge, to say the least, the case will be heard orally if form holds, and the justices invariably are extremely knowledgeable about the case, often knowing the case better than the attorneys arguing each side.  This is an enormous plus for Judy’s case: the justices have to do their homework and ask informed questions of the attorneys, and, it will be on the record.  Then the court will have to “create” something in its decision, also on entirely on record, that we can subsequently “evaluate.”  So let us pursue this as far as we can.  See www.drjudywood.com/a… , among things on her website.OK, Morgan, get to the point, right?  Here is our financial hurdle: submitting the required documents to the NY federal appellate court of some 1400+ pages with pictures, some in color, in the required quantity of n = 15 will take at least $5,000 in printing costs.  These must be submitted October 23 so time is short.I have contributed over $200.00 already and will kick off this fund drive with another contribution of $200.00.  I ask everyone to try to dig deep and contribute something with triple digits to the left of the decimal, though, of course, anything at all will help.  This appeal is going to only about 50 people, mostly friends, so please forward it to anyone else you think might want to help.  Please send your contribution ASAP to: Sally S. Pitcher Assistant to Attorney LeaphartJerry V. Leaphart & Assoc., P.C.8 West Street, Suite 203Danbury, CT 06810(203) 825-6265 – phone(203) 825-6256 – faxjsleaphart@cs.com

Best regards,Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus, Economics, Texas A&M University

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