FW: Mumbai Bombings – word from Pakistan

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-04 18:54:58

This came from someone on my mailing list (it was in turn forwarded to her). Dear P,   My friend Attaya is from Kashmir Pakistan.  A most incredible lady that was a peaceful politician, she was caring for women in home place.   She has informed me that the Mumbai bombings not Pakistan origin, it is a set up to be able to go to war with Pakistan, through India/US set up,   just like 9/11.  Please will you let Andrew know about this.  I would trust Attaya with my life.    She says that there is no evidence of where they came from (the perpetrators) and remaining person as you know is telling rather strange story, is educated and being touted that he is from middle class Pakistan.  This are my observations from newspapers.   Notice that people up in arms in India about the lack of security, whereas the Taj Hotel is always full of security.  It is guarded like a castle because always having dignatories from many lands and Indias top officials there.  Apparently it is very heavily guarded all the time.   Anyhow it smells of same as 9/11 to me.  It did before I spoke with Attaya.  I didn’t tell her how I was feeling only asked her what was going on with her family since it occurred and Attaya then told me, confirming the feelings I had been having.   Please get in touch so we can get this information out to all.   Love  S

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