From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-15 12:48:13

Attachments : From Carole Pellatt.   —–Original Message—–From: carole pellatt [mailto:clpellatt@cox.net]Sent: 14 December 2008 08:02To: Undisclosed-recipients:Subject: PHOENIX NEW TIMES INTRODUCES CHEMTRAILSHello, For anyone who is interested, the reporter I have quoted a couple of times from the Phoenix New Times wrote a review of my latest photo essay. This is a great opportunity for those of us who believe the skies are being deliberately sprayed to make our voices heard. Here’s the link to the New Times write up. There is a “comments” section. You now have the attention of a reporter and a newspaper. He thinks I am a conspiracy nut, but that’s okay, he brought the matter to the public. I recommend taking a moment to read the article (it’s short) and post a comment. I think we need a groundswell of opinions in this matter. Volume is indisputable. Here’s the link: blogs.phoenixnewtime… By the way, a bunch of people already jumped to my defense and made their voices heard on this matter. This is a beautiful moment in time to step forward. truly, carole                     www.carolepellatt.com

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