FW: Updates from James Fox: Inside hints about Podesta, Symington an

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-24 10:51:17

   —–Original Message—–From: Giuliano Marinkovic [mailto:giuliano.marinkovic@…] Dear colleagues. Those are the latest updates from James Fox who is preparing his new documentary version with the working title “Beyond the Blue” with the possible theatrical release.   I have extracted audio clip from the December 21st Paracast show where Fox has mentioned some inside hints and latest movements connected with John Podesta (the fair estimation is that the mentioned contacts are probably going through Kean’s CFI). He also mentions discussions between Symington and Clinton about Fox’s projects (don’t forget that Symington and Fox are close – Symington moderated National Press Club conference from November 12th 2007).   This is important reference about Clinton-Symington releationship:   Source: en.wikipedia.org/wik… Coincidentally, Symington once rescued Bill Clinton from a potential drowning. During their college years (Symington at Harvard and Clinton at Georgetown), Clinton got caught in a strong tide and Symington rescued Clinton from a near drowning.[1] —end of quote—   Also don’t forget that Fox and Leslie Kean from CFI are very close and that leads to Podesta. Kean has working relentlessy during the National Press Club conference to solve contacts and visa issues for many international participants-speakers that arrived at USA to speak at the conference.   It seems that Clinton is aware about “Beyond the Blue” through Symington.   I have extracted the most important clip in the attachment but I strongly recommend the download of the entire interview available here:   www.podtrac.com/pts/…   Giuliano Marinkovic

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